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We need the U.S. Constitution amended to state what its original framers considered too obvious to include: human rights are only for humans.

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Let's work hard to make 2012 the year in which corporations are stripped of the legal personhood that makes it legal for them to buy elections and politicians.

There’s good news: Last week, Montana's Supreme Court upheld a ban on corporate election spending. Los Angeles and New York have just joined the list of cities urging the rest of the country to join Montana. And several bills have been introduced in Congress to amend the Constitution.

Click here to tell your state legislators AND your representatives in Congress that you believe it’s time to end corporate personhood.

On January 20 and 21, there will be protests across the country marking the second anniversary of the horrible Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited buying of candidates by corporations. (More info here and here.)

But TODAY, by clicking here, you can tell your representatives exactly where you stand on corporate personhood and corporate buying of elections.

Please forward this email widely.

Aimee, David
and the RootsAction team

One final way you can help: A coalition of groups is working to make the new, hugely informative book  Corporations Are Not People a best-seller.


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