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Students or weapons.  Time to choose, Mr. President.

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Dear Supporter,

In this wealthiest of countries, the soaring cost of tuition even at public universities is a national disgrace. In many European countries, college education is basically free.
If our country’s wealthiest individuals and corporations were appropriately taxed (some of the most profitable U.S. corporations pay no taxes at all), and if military spending were reduced to merely three times the next biggest spender on earth, our “deficit crisis” would disappear and  we could invest billions in education.
Please click here to tell President Obama that you want college costs cut and outstanding student loans forgiven.
And please forward this email widely – to students and non-students alike.

President Obama's recent change to student loan repayment options is a very small step in the right direction. But what we need is a major shift in national priorities, including massive cuts in Obama’s bloated military budget.
The cost of a college education is ruining thousands of lives (contributing to bankruptcies and foreclosures) and is weakening our nation. Ignorance is not strength.

Add your support for cutting college costs and forgiving student loans here.

On this international day of Occupy protests – including student actions from Spain to the U.S. – standing up against escalating college costs is a good way to participate . . . as well as taking to the streets.

Sarah, Aimee, David
and the RootsAction team

PS: Thanks to you, we met our $10,000 fundraising goal very quickly! If enough of you sign up to make that a monthly contribution, Roots Action will keep growing stronger.

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