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Dear Supporter,

Seventy members of Congress have signed a short letter to the 12-member "Super Committee" (on debt/budget) calling for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, thereby "saving more than $1.8 trillion from current law spending levels over ten years."

That’s $1.8 trillion in savings beyond already-planned troop "drawdowns."  And it’s $700 billion more in savings than President Obama proposed this week to find through a plan that cuts our social safety net.

The bipartisan letter concludes: "Before we ask American families to pitch in more, let's bring our troops home -- and, in the process, our tax dollars home." 

If you agree with these 70 Congress members, click here to tell the Super Committee (and to read the full letter).  

Please forward this email to everyone you know.  

Let's show the Super Committee that tens of thousands of citizens endorse this Congressional letter. 

Bring Our War Dollars Home!

David, Aimee, Sarah
and the RootsAction Team

P.S. Our small staff is supported by contributions from people like you; your donations are greatly appreciated.


Letter to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

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