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Put taxing billionaires on the table, take cutting Social Security off it.

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Dear Supporter,

The wealthiest nation on earth does not have a budget crisis.

It has a billionaires crisis.

As Michael Moore said, “Right now, this afternoon, just 400 Americans — 400 — have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.”

Cutting programs that meet human needs must be off the table, and taxing billionaires on it.

The Progressive Caucus is sending a letter to Rep. Pelosi that states: "We stand united with you in insisting that benefit cuts for working families, our seniors, children, and people with disabilities must be off the table."

Click here to tell every Progressive Caucus member that we expect them to stand by that commitment when it comes time to vote.

Roots Action has identified 11 billionaires doing significant damage to our country. Visit www.RootsAction.org/limit to see who they are, and let us know if you want to add others to our list.

While on the site, you can also read an original contribution by Sam Pizzigati called "Deconstructing the 'Federal Debt Crisis'," which explains how we got here.

But first, let the entire Progressive Caucus know that we want billionaires to pay their fair share, so that programs we need, and have paid for, can be left undamaged.

And forward this email to your friends.

Sarah, Aimee, David
and the RootsAction Team

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