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"Credit is due the activists who raised this critical issue."

That means you!

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Dear Supporter,

Good news! We just helped stop Congress from giving future presidents greatly expanded war powers. John Nichols of The Nation magazine wrote about language that has now been removed from the Defense Authorization Act.

Nichols wrote: "The group RootsAction described that language as 'perhaps the most fundamental change to the structure of our federal government that has ever appeared likely to pass through Congress, as it would effectively give the power to make war to all future presidents.' RootsAction and other groups campaigned to get the Senate to drop the language and they appear to have had significant success with their demand that the Senate remove Section 1034 from the act. Credit is due the activists who raised this critical issue."

That means you!

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Thank you,
Sarah, Aimee, David
and the RootsAction Team

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McCain Wanted to Give Obama Greater War Powers, but Democratic Senators Appear to Have Rejected the Folly

We Just Stopped Congress From Giving the Power of War to Presidents

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