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Remind President Obama that our government was formed in the name of We the People, not We the Wall Street.

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Dear Supporter,

President Barack Obama, holding the previous record (in 2008) for campaign funding from Wall Street, is out to set a new mark in 2012. With unemployment, foreclosures, and health expenses shattering the lives of millions, Obama is pursuing cuts to human services and massive spending on wars. How will that win an election? Perhaps by raising enough Wall Street funding to purchase every advertisement on every television network.  

Sign an open letter to the President right now that tells him we'll be thinking for ourselves, and reminds him that our government was formed in the name of We the People, not We the Wall Street.


Dear President Barack Obama,

We've noticed that your Wall Street and war-machine friendly policies are matched by your eagerness to ingratiate yourself with wealthy funders. You clearly believe that by pleasing a tiny minority of the people you can raise enough funding to bamboozle the rest of us.

Think again. We need jobs not speeches, schools not sound bites, houses not slick advertisements, healthcare not 30-minute campaign infomercials.

Recent polls show that by a 2-to-1 margin, we believe the country is seriously on the wrong track. Ninety percent of us rate the economy negatively, and 6 in 10 say the economy is not on the road to recovery. We overwhelmingly want the wars ended, the billionaires taxed, and our valued social programs left the heck alone. You and your Wall Street cabinet have been dragging us in the opposite direction.

Whoever convinced you they can spin that, as long as you pay the right price, has certainly spun somebody.

You may raise and spend the most money, but that will not get you to victory. If you want to be re-elected, you will take the side of the people, rather than the plutocrats, end the Bush-Obama tax cuts, impose taxes on corporations and financial transactions, and invest in green-energy jobs rather than endless immoral war.

Trust us on this before it's too late.


Please sign this open letter to President Obama. After you've signed yourself, you'll have the opportunity to tell your friends about the letter. Please forward it far and wide.

Sarah, David, Aimee
and the RootsAction team


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