Block War Funding call page

Please call your Senators and Representative with this urgent message to take our money out of wars.

Provide your phone number on this form and our handy tool will call you and connect to your senators' and representative's offices.

What to say (this script will also be on the next page after you click "Submit")

"Hello, my name is _______ and I live in ____. I'm calling because I'm tired of paying for so many wars and so much preparation for more wars. I urge you to enact legislation to block the use of any U.S. taxpayer funds for continuing warfare, directly or by proxy, in Syria. Will you do that? Will you get back to me and let me know?

I further implore you to strive for better relations with Russia instead of fueling the current conflicts that could lead to nuclear annihilation of us all. What steps are you taking to ease tensions and improve relations between the United States and Russia?

While defunding endless and disastrous wars as well as cutting wasteful military expenditures, you can provide funds for urgent human and environmental needs. Did you know that a University of Maryland poll found that on average the U.S. public wants $41 billion cut from military spending, while the president's budget proposes a $54 billion increase? Will you represent us or him?"

Upon submitting this form, you will receive a phone call and we'll patch through directly to your senators and representatives offices. Press the *(star) key to move on to the next call when you’re finished or if you get a busy signal.
Or just call 202-601-3455 to connect.