Help shut off NSA's electricity

A bill with bipartisan support in the Washington State legislature would block all state support for NSA activities that violate the Fourth Amendment. This could include cutting off electricity and water to the NSA's surveillance center at Yakima from which the NSA spies on our phones and emails without any warrant or probable cause.

RootsAction: Cut Off the NSA's Juice
AP: NSA Listening Post in Yakima Is Secret No More

Let the bill's sponsors know they have supporters all over the country and beyond:

51-75 of 20130 signatures
Number Date Name Location Please add a comment if ...
20080 5.5 years ago John Crafton Spokane, WA Shut it's anti American and against our civil liberties which are not a gift from government, but our right!
20079 5.6 years ago Joshua Zwolenik Clemson, SC
20078 5.6 years ago Anonymous lahaina, HI Bring Edward Snowden home as a hero. Arrest Mr. Clapper for lying to congress about the NSA spying on all American cizacens against the rule of law requiring them to get a warrant . They were caug...
20077 5.6 years ago Sheila Darsey Pahoa, HI Shut down the NSA ASAP!
20076 5.6 years ago Mia Young Hilliard, OH
20075 5.6 years ago Todd Williams Hilliard, OH
20074 5.6 years ago Chris Young Hilliard, OH
20073 5.6 years ago F/ Ooghe Paris, ot
20072 5.6 years ago Temple Weste Kahului, HI
20071 5.6 years ago Frances Hoenigswald Philadelphia, PA
20070 5.6 years ago Frances Hoenigswald Philadelphia, PA
20069 5.6 years ago John Hamilton Petaluma, CA
20068 5.6 years ago Michael Nisbet Dacula , GA Cut the power for these evil beings !
20067 5.6 years ago Anonymous grandfalls, TX Spying on the citizens that pay ther wages!
20066 5.6 years ago Anonymous sault ste.marie, MI
20065 5.6 years ago Ronald Ward Winchester, VA Would you trust these demonic demons,read your BIBLE . We have been played like a fiddle.Millions of dead humans.KILL the cabal then true humanity will surive. GOD BLESS.
20064 5.6 years ago Paul Ryan Napa, CA
20063 5.6 years ago Mike Jones KS
20062 5.6 years ago Julie Austin Los Angeles, CA
20061 5.7 years ago Damien McLeod Key Largo, FL
20060 5.7 years ago Timothy Clanton Simi Valley, CA Yes,,shut it off, most poor people get there water shut off, cause their opportunities to make a decent wage has been cut off,,so for them,,,no sympathy from me!!!!!!
20059 5.7 years ago Ted Elkiins
20058 5.7 years ago Jim Head Oak Park, MI
20057 5.7 years ago Carlos Pinto NSA IS ILLUMINATI SCUM! QUIT YOUR JOBS!
20056 5.7 years ago Carl Cundy Custer, SD
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