Court Backs Internet Censorship: Open The Internet Now!

A federal appeals court has sided with Verizon and against you, against us, against the Internet.

If this ruling stands, the Internet as we know it will die.

Wall Street Journal:
Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

TechCrunch: Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down FCC’s Open Internet Order

Protect the internet

Forget free and open access. Picture a system like cable TV with corporations charging for different levels of access, and blocking access to information they don't favor!

The Internet is our tool for circumventing the corporate media, for reaching each other with a bit of truth and accuracy, for organizing each other into collective action. We cannot let this one go.

Sign this petition to the FCC, Congress, and the White House now!

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50560 8.5 years ago Moses Cole The internet is for the people :)
50559 8.5 years ago Carl Cundy
50558 8.5 years ago Cristoforo Borriello
50557 8.6 years ago Sharon Wood
50556 8.6 years ago Darla Lathan I like free porn!
50555 8.7 years ago Anonymous
50554 8.7 years ago Charles Vetter
50553 8.7 years ago Nicholas Zizelis
50552 8.7 years ago Christopher T. Mizera
50551 8.7 years ago Michael Mertz
50550 8.7 years ago Anonymous
50549 8.7 years ago michelle st. denis fuck consumerism. fucking share this on your facebook, twitter, tumblr, even myspace. publicity is the best way to gain support.
50548 8.7 years ago Crystal Aube
50547 8.7 years ago Alfredo Serrano
50546 8.7 years ago Jeff Hellmann
50545 8.7 years ago Anonymous
50544 8.7 years ago Nancy Bracey
50543 8.7 years ago Elan Marshall
50542 8.7 years ago jerlin flores
50541 8.7 years ago allan lopez
50540 8.7 years ago Martin Escarpita
50539 8.7 years ago E B
50538 8.7 years ago Shawn Park
50537 8.7 years ago Ryan McGrath
50536 8.7 years ago JA'Braylon Vanzandt
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