President Obama, Hands Off Edward Snowden!

Now that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is seeking political asylum, there is a real danger the U.S. government will try to grab him under the guise of law enforcement.

Tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder (to whom we will deliver this petition): Hands off Edward Snowden!

The Guardian: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions
The Guardian: NSA Prism Program Taps in to User Data
The Guardian: Edward Snowden: the Whistleblower

Edward Snowden photo

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4305 5.5 years ago Baljeet Degun Manly, CA , AU No!
4304 5.5 years ago susan hepp mullumbimby, ot , AU
4303 5.5 years ago Magda Barba Mexico, ot , MX Edward Snowden has served freedom and should not be treated as a criminal.
4302 5.5 years ago Jean Molenat Montpellier, ot , GB
4301 5.5 years ago Sng Hui Singapore, NE , US
4300 5.5 years ago Cecilia Nunez Coogee, ot , AU
4299 5.5 years ago kevin Brown perth, ot , AU
4298 5.5 years ago Anonymous cornwall, ON , CA I dont get it at all,grow president obama,be a real man
4297 5.5 years ago Anonymous Sydney, ot , AU
4296 5.5 years ago Anonymous AU Manning, Snowden & Julian Assange are heros for the globe.
4295 5.5 years ago Glen Benjamin Portsmouth, NH , US
4294 5.5 years ago Lorraine Code Toronto, ON , CA
4293 5.5 years ago Margaret Fens Wang Wauk, ot , AU
4292 5.5 years ago Ross Copeland Carine, ot , AU
4291 5.5 years ago Asahel Bush AU
4290 5.5 years ago Lorena Saucedo Mexico City, MX
4289 5.5 years ago Carlos Bonamin Piracicaba-SP, ot , BR
4288 5.5 years ago Hermann DIETY Dubai, ot , US Stop persecuting this young man please.
4287 5.5 years ago Percy Sheppard London, GB
4286 5.5 years ago Wayne Konkright San Diego, CA , US Manning and Snowden are heroes to freedom loving Americans. ww
4285 5.5 years ago Raymond Daly Wolumla, ot , AU
4284 5.5 years ago Dirk Weemaes Ubud, ot , ID
4283 5.5 years ago María Niño Bucaramanga, ot , CO
4282 5.5 years ago D McLintock Chelmsford, GB Virgin highlighted this email as a scam. Maybe you are a scam, Mr President, or maybe you are just a bully, Mr President. Edward Snowden is a braver man than you, and more honest.
4281 5.5 years ago Fred Fox Taranaki, ot , NZ
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