President Obama, Hands Off Edward Snowden!

Now that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is seeking political asylum, there is a real danger the U.S. government will try to grab him under the guise of law enforcement.

Tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder (to whom we will deliver this petition): Hands off Edward Snowden!

The Guardian: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions
The Guardian: NSA Prism Program Taps in to User Data
The Guardian: Edward Snowden: the Whistleblower

Edward Snowden photo

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4555 5.4 years ago Brian Jack Prince George, BC , CA
4554 5.4 years ago Nick Brown Vancouver, AB , CA Open your mind and heart. This man did a brave thing and an important thing for humanity.
4553 5.4 years ago Jan Gustafsson Hyssna, ot , SE Once we saw the US as "Land of the free - home of the brave" but now it has changed to a land of serfs and a home of the muzzled.
4552 5.4 years ago Sarah Lasenby Oxford, ot , GB
4551 5.4 years ago Sarah Lasenby Oxford, ot , GB
4550 5.4 years ago Thomas stratmann bottrop, DE
4549 5.4 years ago Anonymous ann arbor, MI , CZ
4548 5.4 years ago Claus Muehlenkamp Sineu, AE , ES whistleblowers are important for a democracy!
4547 5.4 years ago Linda Rehn Kassel, ot , DE
4546 5.4 years ago Linda Rehn Kassel, ot , DE
4545 5.4 years ago Brian Quail Glasgow, AE , GB
4544 5.4 years ago Pia Hellertz Örebro, ot , SE
4543 5.4 years ago Phillip Anderton Poole, ot , GB
4542 5.4 years ago Melissa Roberts Swansea, ot , GB Leniency is to err is human.He has been punished enough(and forgiveness Divine)
4541 5.4 years ago Anonymous Renshausen / Germany, ot , DE Mark Twain, ironically, and adapted WRT one word: /// It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and...
4540 5.4 years ago jason whattam launceston, ot , GB
4539 5.4 years ago Anonymous AT
4538 5.4 years ago Chris Hunt Bristol, ot , GB
4537 5.4 years ago Nadine Wantz beverley, ot , AU
4536 5.4 years ago michael wilkens Kassel, ot , DE
4535 5.4 years ago John Drew Cambridge, ot , GB Dear Presy, As a one-time fellow Chicagoan, I don't need to tell you that people serve their country and the world in different ways and capacities. I get the impression that Mr Snowden is genuinely...
4534 5.4 years ago Moritz Kammerer Munich, ot , DE
4533 5.4 years ago Malcolm Printer Mumbai, ot , IN Whatever Snowden has done is in the best spirit of democracy. What you are doing is just the opposite.
4532 5.4 years ago Andreas Snolind Landskrona, ot , SE Bush was never really liked outside the US (mostly ridiculed) and most European countries loved when you got voted in as president and support you. Don't make yourself another Bush. Be bette...
4531 5.4 years ago Tim Carter Newcastle, AU
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