President Obama, Hands Off Edward Snowden!

Now that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is seeking political asylum, there is a real danger the U.S. government will try to grab him under the guise of law enforcement.

Tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder (to whom we will deliver this petition): Hands off Edward Snowden!

The Guardian: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions
The Guardian: NSA Prism Program Taps in to User Data
The Guardian: Edward Snowden: the Whistleblower

Edward Snowden photo

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4680 5.4 years ago alina dollat gouvieux, ot , GB
4679 5.4 years ago alina dollat gouvieux, ot , GB
4678 5.4 years ago Alex pena san roque, ot , ES
4677 5.4 years ago Maria Cristina Sironi Milano, ot , IT
4676 5.4 years ago Abdessalam Diab Arlington, VA , EG
4675 5.4 years ago Anonymous London, ot , GB
4674 5.4 years ago Alfred Cross San Francisco, CA , US
4673 5.4 years ago Matthew Evans GB
4672 5.4 years ago Ana David London, ot , GB Mr. Obama, I thought better of you and your humanity, but you're merely an instrument in immoral materialistic hands.
4671 5.4 years ago Paul Pastor Ormskirk, ot , GB
4670 5.4 years ago Justin and Anne Morahan Dublin, ot , IE
4669 5.4 years ago louisa rosiers rotterdam, ot , NL I urge you to do the right thing. Don't let your pride dictate your actions.
4668 5.4 years ago Enrico Dall'Osto Vicenza, ot , IT
4667 5.4 years ago Matusa Barros Vigo, ot , ES Sr. Presidente,

¿Seguridad frente a derechos humanos? ¿que sera lo siguiente?...sé que su país no es el único en utilizar caminos equivocados, reconocer errores y dar ejemplo es un buen cam...
4666 5.4 years ago Kevin Harding London, ot , GB
4665 5.4 years ago Elisabet Vaquer Pasqual Son Macià, ot , ES
4664 5.4 years ago Michael John Schwammberger Totnes, ot , GB
4663 5.4 years ago ketil naess Oslo, ot , NO
4662 5.4 years ago Linda Walker Waialua, HI , US I deserve to live in a peaceful country and so does Snowden. It feels wonderful to be living in Ecuador with its humane policies. I refuse to live in constant fear of others as the US promotes. This...
4661 5.4 years ago Colin Savill St Martial Viveyrols, ot , GB The pursuit of Snowden is a diversionary measure. Answer the questions Obama
4660 5.4 years ago Ian Rose Paddington, ot , AU You were elected on the promise of people power, yet all you have done is be a broker for the Petro-Chemical Military Industrial Banking Oligarchs.
What happened, were you shown footage from the...
4659 5.4 years ago Andre Dahl Jensen OSlo, ot , NO All regimes and totalitarian states throughout history would dismiss dissidents and whistleblowers as spies, unpatriotic and traitors and apply harsh punishments toward those who defy the national s...
4658 5.4 years ago Roland Stanbridge Nora, ot , SE
4657 5.4 years ago Alessia Pesando Foresto di Bussoleno, PR , IT Dear Mr President,
I think it is time to tell the truth, is this trasparency?
4656 5.4 years ago Richard Woodka Monument, CO , US
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