President Obama, Hands Off Edward Snowden!

Now that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is seeking political asylum, there is a real danger the U.S. government will try to grab him under the guise of law enforcement.

Tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder (to whom we will deliver this petition): Hands off Edward Snowden!

The Guardian: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions
The Guardian: NSA Prism Program Taps in to User Data
The Guardian: Edward Snowden: the Whistleblower

Edward Snowden photo

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4905 5.3 years ago Sylwia Wilczewska Niewodnica Ko?cielna, PL
4904 5.3 years ago Anonymous Mühlacker, ot , DE
4903 5.3 years ago Manuel JG Fernandez Vigo, ot , ES Please be compassionate and fair by providing protection to Snowden . THANKS
4902 5.3 years ago Katrine Gødsbøll Jørgensen København K, DK
4901 5.3 years ago Svenja Ipsen Tipitapa, ot , NI
4900 5.3 years ago raymond arruda new bedford, MA , US
4899 5.3 years ago Ken Drumbolis Malinalco, ot , MX
4898 5.3 years ago Daniela Honorato Santiago, ot , CL
4897 5.3 years ago Marco Pontiglione Grugliasco, ot , IT
4896 5.3 years ago Anonymous kamloops, BC , CA Mr. President: we still have faith that you can do the right thing. And that goes for Guantanamo too. Stop before you disgrace yourself completely.
4895 5.3 years ago Ussama Abdulrahman Khartoum, SD
4894 5.3 years ago Colin Lineker Carnarvon, ot , ZA Shame on you Barak Obama. If you can find the courage, do the right thing.
4893 5.3 years ago Oranus Ravar Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE, ot , FR
4892 5.3 years ago daniel tierney burnley, ot , GB
4891 5.3 years ago william scrace hythe, GB president Obama leave the man alone. we all know what your government and mine are up to. you wont to control the world. just like adolf hitler.
4890 5.3 years ago Anonymous Palma, ot , ES
4889 5.3 years ago Jeff Easson AB , CA
4888 5.3 years ago Ronald Basley Berlin, ot , DE Obama, you have disappointed not only us of your race, plus 90+% of the American people, as for that matter, the entire world. Your government is doing EXACTLY what you are allowing, happened here i...
4887 5.3 years ago Marianne Silfverlåås TORSHÄLLA, ot , SE Obama, you were my hero, do not touch Snowden! I trust that you' ll do the right thing. I should me a human right to inform others of things that include civilians!
4886 5.3 years ago terri maioriello manhatan beach, CA , US Transparency and honesty, ring any bells? It is not too late to make things right.
4885 5.3 years ago Mikael Vatjus Mölnlycke, ot , SE
4883 5.3 years ago Pandora Hopkins Green Cove Springs, FL , US
4882 5.3 years ago Lisa Götze Brentford, ot , GB If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.

~ Emile ...
4881 5.3 years ago Mikael Oberg ot , SE
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