CNN: Add a progressive journalist as a questioner for Tuesday's Democratic debate

At the CNN-sponsored Republican Party debate last month, one of the three panelists CNN selected to question the candidates was conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. But at Tuesday's upcoming Democratic Party debate, CNN is planning to include not a single progressive advocate among its panel of four questioners.

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For the sake of basic fairness and balance, you should add to your panel an unapologetic progressive for Tuesday's debate.

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6298 3.2 years ago Rebecca Fleming Branchburg, NJ
6297 3.2 years ago Susan Sheinfeld Quincy, MA
6296 3.2 years ago Thomas Maginniss Catlett, VA
6295 3.2 years ago John Brundage Ann Arbor, MI It appears we have a free press in the US. You can get news with a left wing or right wing point of view, but it is really very tightly controlled with respect to many topics, like economics & forei
The above quote sounds like it was written by a conspiracy theorist. However, Bernays is considered the inventor of psychology based propaganda. The quote is from Bernays\' 1928 book, "Propaganda."
Bernays lived from 1891 to 1995. His first big government job was selling the US public on getting into WWI for the Wilson administration. In 1953 he ran a propaganda campaign for the CIA to aid in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Guatemala for the benefit of the United Fruit Company. In the 1920s he ran a campaign to popularize smoking for women for the tobacco companies. The German propagandists used his books in WWII. Bernays is the one who figured out how to "pull the wires which control the public mind" & did so for many years. His 1928 book, "Propaganda," is still in print.'); return false;">...
6294 3.2 years ago jason bassiri new orleans, LA
6293 3.2 years ago Richard Young Albuquerque, NM
6292 3.2 years ago Catherine Carnes Medford, OR
6291 3.2 years ago Shirley Schue Cherry valley, NY
6290 3.2 years ago John Robinson, M.D. Setauket, NY Common sense and democratic principles dictate the need for a debate that will only have meaning if the panel questioning the candidates includes a truly left progressive voice. So far it does not!
6289 3.2 years ago Kevin Haake LINCOLN, NE
6288 3.2 years ago Anonymous Philadelphia, PA
6287 3.2 years ago robert whealey athens, OH Please add a Roots pundit to the Democratic debate. Debate is the oxygen of democracy. The HR and senate have become clones of Wall Street firms.
6286 3.2 years ago Anonymous Albuquerque, NM
6285 3.2 years ago John Downing Richmond, VA
6284 3.2 years ago Anonymous Truckee, CA
6283 3.2 years ago Randy Hendrickson Ithaca, NY
6282 3.2 years ago Suzanne lamborn Nottinghan, PA All points of view are needed. Politics should not be stalled in the Republican view point. I hope you ask foreign policy questions and how to make this nation better.
6281 3.2 years ago Steve Roche Philadelphia, PA
6280 3.2 years ago Lee Schondorf Yoncalla, OR Get Corporate Shills out of the ranks of "reporters"
6279 3.2 years ago carol small Hot Springs, AR
6278 3.2 years ago Kevin Justice Warner Robins, GA
6277 3.2 years ago Robert McRee Madras, OR it's never too late for CNN to go back to being a respected news organization. Please do not finish turning into Fox News.
6276 3.2 years ago Cheryl Quinn Prudenville, MI Dear Sirs, I would like to say how unfair your news organization is in not having a truly progressive reporter on the panel for the debate tonight. In the beginning CNN was a truly wonderful news s...
6275 3.2 years ago Rebecca Lincoln Myrtle Beach, SC Because the media should at least give the appearance of being unbiased.
6274 3.2 years ago Virginia Hodges 03245, NH
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