Tell U.S. Congress not to attend Netanyahu’s speech

Join us in raising our voices to protest Prime Minister Netanyahu’s planned speech to the U.S. Congress, not because it’s a partisan snub, nor because the date is close to the Israeli elections, but because Netanyahu is going to Washington to undermine the U.S. strategy of diplomacy with Iran.

Instead of letting diplomacy work, Netanyahu wants the U.S. to impose harsher sanctions on Iran, all but ensuring that talks collapse and increasing the risk of war.

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We are outraged that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress. He does not speak about peace in good faith—illegal settlements and human rights violations against Palestinians have only increased under his leadership. Further, he will advocate for additional harsh sanctions on Iran that will undermine the diplomatic process and possibly lead to war. We call on all members of Congress to refuse to attend Netanyahu’s speech before Congress and to send the message that anyone who promotes war over peace is not welcome.

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    20608 3.7 years ago DONNA MARTIN SALT SPRING ISLAND, BC , CA
    20607 3.7 years ago HODA BISSADA NEUILLY SUR SEINE, VA , FX We cannot accept on the one hand such a lack of respect for US citizens and on the other hand anyone who does everything in his power to go on the war path without even trying for an agreement.
    20606 3.7 years ago George Berman Winnipeg, MB , CA
    20605 3.7 years ago Annette Klepzig Wilhelmsfeld, ot , DE From all this 5 Organisations I'm getting infos.
    20604 3.7 years ago Thomas Cummings Merritt Island, FL , US We are appalled that our Congress so disrespects our President that it is going to listen to Netanyahu, who lied about what our President said while Congress stood up an genuflected before him.
    20603 3.7 years ago Ashraf Elnagdy Burke, VA , US
    20602 3.7 years ago Carol Nezzo College Park, MD , US
    20601 3.7 years ago Helene Delecourt Le Kremlin Bicêtre, ot , FX
    20600 3.7 years ago jhoward chamblin beach haven, NJ , US This latest Bibi blast of arrogance signifies one thing - that the time has arrived to reassess the increasingly problematic relationship with our defiant client state of Israel, and have the backbo...
    20599 3.7 years ago David H. Finke Oberlin, OH , US This outrageous action by "Bibi" is without precedent in terms of protocol.
    20598 3.7 years ago Alex Wipf Cutchogue, NY , US It is wrong for foreign leader to identify with a domestic political party to the exclusion of the other( I understand he refused to speak with Democratic leaders). On its face this is the p...
    20597 3.7 years ago Alex Wipf Cutchogue, NY , US It is wrong for foreign leader to identify with a domestic political party to the exclusion of the other( I understand he refused to speak with Democratic leaders). On its face this is the p...
    20596 3.7 years ago Joaquim Quitério Graça do Divor, ot , PT
    20595 3.7 years ago esam nader north little rock , AR , US
    20594 3.7 years ago Omar Meliani IT why congress allow an Netanyahu, enemy of peace talk, war has never been a solution a dialogue is the only way for lasting peace in the Middle East.
    20593 3.7 years ago Lillian Sills Dallas, TX , US
    20592 3.7 years ago Linda Hansen Gerheuser Windisch, MD , CH
    20591 3.7 years ago Lillian Sills Dallas, TX , US
    20590 3.7 years ago Anonymous Oakwood, OH , US
    20589 3.7 years ago Wayne Proudfoot New York, NY , US
    20588 3.7 years ago David Schwarz Scottsdale, AZ , US If we are serious about eliminating mid-east terrorism, why do we continue to support those who deny Palestinians dignity and equal rights--re mobility, property, employment, etc.?
    20587 3.7 years ago Anita Binz Erlinsbach, ot , CH
    20586 3.7 years ago Pervez Younus Bangalore, ot , IN
    20585 3.7 years ago Herbert Escher Basel, ot , CH
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