Tell U.S. Congress not to attend Netanyahu’s speech

Join us in raising our voices to protest Prime Minister Netanyahu’s planned speech to the U.S. Congress, not because it’s a partisan snub, nor because the date is close to the Israeli elections, but because Netanyahu is going to Washington to undermine the U.S. strategy of diplomacy with Iran.

Instead of letting diplomacy work, Netanyahu wants the U.S. to impose harsher sanctions on Iran, all but ensuring that talks collapse and increasing the risk of war.

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(And if you're from the U.S. you can also email Congress here.)

We are outraged that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress. He does not speak about peace in good faith—illegal settlements and human rights violations against Palestinians have only increased under his leadership. Further, he will advocate for additional harsh sanctions on Iran that will undermine the diplomatic process and possibly lead to war. We call on all members of Congress to refuse to attend Netanyahu’s speech before Congress and to send the message that anyone who promotes war over peace is not welcome.

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    Number Date Name Location Please add a comment if you ...
    20634 3.7 years ago john freeland dartmouth, ot , GB
    20633 3.7 years ago jeanne goris Leopoldsburg, ot , BE
    20632 3.7 years ago Bertrand dominique FR
    20631 3.7 years ago Anonymous Vancouver, BC , CA
    20630 3.7 years ago Shifra Freewoman Brookline, MA , US I think that Netanyahu is grandstanding. I think that if he has concerns about the deal with Iran, he should talk with the President and also with Iran.

    The best thing he could do would be ...
    20629 3.7 years ago Ofer Neiman Jerusalem, Israel, CA , IL Israeli citizen
    20628 3.7 years ago janet demeestere Chilmark, MA , US
    20627 3.7 years ago Stanwood Nutter Weaverville, NC , US Netanyahu lied to Congress in May 2011; this time he will do it again.
    Hebrew saying: "Dumb too soon; Smart too late"
    20626 3.7 years ago farah chohan Powell, OH , US
    20625 3.7 years ago eusebio manuel vestias DC, WA , PT
    20624 3.7 years ago Cari Gardner Athens, NY , US
    20623 3.7 years ago Souheil Haddad Bloomington, IN , US
    20622 3.7 years ago k zaman Houston, TX , US
    20621 3.7 years ago Anonymous Vernon, BC , CA I deeply disagree with the Canadian Prime Minister's unilateral support and biased support for Netanyahu stand. I would like to let the world know that he does not represent the views of millions o...
    20620 3.7 years ago Francine Brown New York, NY , US
    20619 3.7 years ago Gianfranco Trapani Bristol, ot , GB
    20618 3.7 years ago John Madden US People's income, jobs, transport system, healthcare, etc are all more important!

    I don't know why this country sees Israel even within the top ten priorities of our national interest, Israe...
    20617 3.7 years ago Roxie Ward US
    20616 3.7 years ago George Warburg Hamden, CT , US
    20615 3.7 years ago Bridget Reymond Petaluma, CA , US
    20614 3.7 years ago vera stroobants 9300 aalst, ot , BE
    20613 3.7 years ago david bloomfield mashpee, MA , US Bibi's presence in the US is most unwelcome. He thinks Israel is the 51st state. It's not. AIPAC exerts far too much influence in Congress. All our representatives should resent this intrusion i...
    20612 3.7 years ago Richard Johnston Orillia, ON , CA
    20611 3.7 years ago Colin Connaughton London, ot , GB Netanyahu is a confirmed liar. He should be ignored completely. He wants USA to wage war on Iran and to expend US lives there and to run a serious risk of starting World War 3. Netanyahu is mad and ...
    20610 3.7 years ago Joseph Clifford Jamestown, RI , US
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