Tell U.S. Congress not to attend Netanyahu’s speech

Join us in raising our voices to protest Prime Minister Netanyahu’s planned speech to the U.S. Congress, not because it’s a partisan snub, nor because the date is close to the Israeli elections, but because Netanyahu is going to Washington to undermine the U.S. strategy of diplomacy with Iran.

Instead of letting diplomacy work, Netanyahu wants the U.S. to impose harsher sanctions on Iran, all but ensuring that talks collapse and increasing the risk of war.

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(And if you're from the U.S. you can also email Congress here.)

We are outraged that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress. He does not speak about peace in good faith—illegal settlements and human rights violations against Palestinians have only increased under his leadership. Further, he will advocate for additional harsh sanctions on Iran that will undermine the diplomatic process and possibly lead to war. We call on all members of Congress to refuse to attend Netanyahu’s speech before Congress and to send the message that anyone who promotes war over peace is not welcome.

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    20709 3.7 years ago Anonymous bristol, ot , GB Enough!
    20708 3.7 years ago Peter Pollett Birmingham, ot , GB
    20707 3.7 years ago Mark Mansfield Geneva, NY , US
    20706 3.7 years ago Ian Tapley Dover, NY , US
    20705 3.7 years ago Chien An Wang Yong He District, New Taipei Cit, TW
    20704 3.7 years ago Kyung-guk Ha Mokpo-si, ot , KR
    20703 3.7 years ago John Wood Kidderminster, ot , GB
    20702 3.7 years ago Anonymous Old Greenwich, CT , US
    20701 3.7 years ago Carl Seibert Costa Mesa, CA , US Thanks to Mr. Netanyahu, you can add my name to the list, "former supporter of Israel".
    He has his own agenda to push - one that isn't in the best interests of the United States, it's citizens a...
    20700 3.7 years ago Anonymous Amman, ot , JO Jewish Zionist Nazi Criminal, thefting Palestinian's land, homes and Trees
    20699 3.7 years ago RONALD PEDDICORD MARSHALLTOWN, IA , US
    20698 3.7 years ago Wolf Shedler Lyndhurst, ON , CA
    20697 3.7 years ago Karen Longhurst Kelowna, BC , CA
    20696 3.7 years ago Anonymous Amman, ot , JO Jewish Zionist Nazi criminal, shame on you all, ahme on all senates and on American's valuse and democracy
    20695 3.7 years ago Laura Gharazeddine Kailua-kona, HI , US
    20694 3.7 years ago Anonymous Amman, ot , JO Criminal, Zionist, Jew Nazist, Israeli's practicing land, theft, home theft and apartheid and racial and ethnic cleansing , it is to shame for American's values and democracy
    20693 3.7 years ago Claudette Fortier St-Jean-sur-Richelieu P.Quebec , QC , CA
    20692 3.7 years ago anne shirley CORBIERES, ME , FR
    20691 3.7 years ago Nancy Mikeson Big Sky, MT , US
    20690 3.7 years ago Ellen Leopold Cambridge, MA , US
    20689 3.7 years ago Klaus Pierstorff Thames 3500, NZ Thames, New Zealand
    20688 3.7 years ago Johan Van Hulle Zomergem, BE
    20687 3.7 years ago Sara Traub Toronto, ON , CA
    20686 3.7 years ago Stan Stroyls FL , US
    20685 3.7 years ago Doreen Milne Armadale, ot , GB
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