Local Police with War Weapons: End This Now!

According to the U.S. General Services Administration, one of the programs that allows the Pentagon to give billions of dollars worth of free weapons of war to local U.S. police "offers Americans peace of mind.”

Have images of a war zone in Ferguson, Missouri, boosted your peace of mind?
U.S. General Services Administration: 1122 Program
Missouri Department of Public Safety: DOD 1033
War Resisters League: Facing Tear Gas
Defending Dissent: The Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act
John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization
> Text of Rep. Johnson's Bill
> Rep. Johnson's Dear Colleague Letter

Tell the Pentagon, Congress, and the President: No More Weapons of War for Local Police:

It’s time to halt the flow of war weaponry into our neighborhoods as well as into volatile areas abroad. As a first step we urge support for Congressman Hank Johnson's Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, which would prohibit the transfer to police of high caliber automatic weapons, armored vehicles, armed drones, aircraft, stun grenades, and silencers.

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49320 3.2 years ago Suzanne Lucas Carlsbad, CA , US
49319 3.2 years ago Sue Halligan Woodbury, MN , US
49318 3.2 years ago Wanda Graff Canby, OR , US
49317 3.2 years ago Andre Tarverdians San Diego, CA , US
49316 3.2 years ago Renate Taylor Sarasota, FL , US International law permits military action in defense of national borders by invaders, and never against civilians anywhere. Why the U.S. insists on ignoring such principles makes it into an enemy of...
49315 3.2 years ago Judith Simmons Torrance, CA , US We do not need military intended equipment and guns on our streets given to our city's police departments to maime or kill our citizen's. Enough is enough! Stop the insanity now.
49314 3.2 years ago Don McKelvey Euclid, OH , US
49313 3.2 years ago Ruth Leventhal North Hollywood, CA , US
49312 3.2 years ago Charles Lynch Shorewood, IL , US
49311 3.2 years ago Eric Volck Cincinnati, OH , US
49310 3.2 years ago Timothy Post Osawatomie, KS , US
49309 3.2 years ago Thomas Harrigan MARINA, CA , US
49308 3.2 years ago Doug Westendorp Minneapolis, MN , US When the police see us as their enemies we are entering dangerous times.
49307 3.2 years ago Anonymous Baldwin Park, CA , US Its time we all get over this Racial Injustice. I'm so glad my Granchildrens generation have no CLUE about prejudice. The next generation with its Highly -Mixed Racial Marriages and off-spring wil...
49306 3.2 years ago Patsy Martinson Decorah , IA , US
49305 3.2 years ago Dorothy Finwall Pleasant Ridge, MI , US
49304 3.2 years ago Richard Gundlach Staten Island, New York City, NY , AF
49303 3.2 years ago ernest chirico staten island, NY , US
49302 3.2 years ago Deborah Wagner Brookeville, MD , US
49301 3.2 years ago Jesse Overton Centennial, CO , US
49300 3.2 years ago Mike Pickens Indianola, IA , US
49299 3.2 years ago Anonymous Pinellas Park, FL , US
49298 3.2 years ago Teresa Robinson Smithfield, VA , US To the world the United States of Corporations, (aka America), is the most violent nation ever. Our Constitution has been obliterated, our leaders sacrifice our lives, liberty, and freedom f...
49297 3.2 years ago Caroline Pawlowski Ocean Grove, NJ , US
49296 3.2 years ago Constance Hunter San Jose, CA , US
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