Local Police with War Weapons: End This Now!

According to the U.S. General Services Administration, one of the programs that allows the Pentagon to give billions of dollars worth of free weapons of war to local U.S. police "offers Americans peace of mind.”

Have images of a war zone in Ferguson, Missouri, boosted your peace of mind?
U.S. General Services Administration: 1122 Program
Missouri Department of Public Safety: DOD 1033
War Resisters League: Facing Tear Gas
Defending Dissent: The Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act
John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization
> Text of Rep. Johnson's Bill
> Rep. Johnson's Dear Colleague Letter

Tell the Pentagon, Congress, and the President: No More Weapons of War for Local Police:

It’s time to halt the flow of war weaponry into our neighborhoods as well as into volatile areas abroad. As a first step we urge support for Congressman Hank Johnson's Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, which would prohibit the transfer to police of high caliber automatic weapons, armored vehicles, armed drones, aircraft, stun grenades, and silencers.

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49470 3.2 years ago William Fast Ozawkie , KS , US
49469 3.2 years ago Theo Giesy Gloucester Courthouse, VA , US
49468 3.2 years ago Mary Morris San Anselmo, CA , US
49467 3.2 years ago rodger pearce little rock, AR , US
49466 3.2 years ago Bernice Vogel Montpelier, VT , US
49465 3.2 years ago Anonymous L. O., OR , US
49464 3.2 years ago alvin anderson detroit, MI , US
49463 3.2 years ago Momin Naik Princeton, NJ , US
49462 3.2 years ago Sergio Gutierrez Riverside, CA , US
49461 3.2 years ago Randall Foreman Metairiei, LA , US
49460 3.2 years ago Shanta Kamath Eugene, OR , US The people are not the enemy of the government. The people are the employers, owners and creators of the government.
49459 3.2 years ago Judith Branch Milwaukie, OR , US
49458 3.2 years ago Allen Wickell Fort Myers, FL , US
49457 3.2 years ago J. Chris Kidney Oakland, CA , US
49456 3.2 years ago michael tuohy suffern , NY , US
49455 3.2 years ago Mimi Plevin-Foust Shaker Heights, OH , US
49454 3.2 years ago Linda Swanson Warrenton, VA , US
49453 3.2 years ago Meaghan Simpson Fortuna, CA , US WHAT THE HELL!!! I am an old white woman who like Cornell West,
is from the 60's-70's so now seniors in our 60's-70's. I am Californian
Southern, Central, Northern and the overwhelming ungomuch lower than the rich white guys. Often the police were using illegal killer drugs. I do not like any killer dangerous drugs whether street drugs or BIG PHARMA drugs. madness mayhem monsters murders and mental illness...but the stark putrid obscene injustices
we seen then with brutal racist "war on drugs"... And all those crappy COP TV shows recorded by cops brutally accosting and arresting people for sitting in a car smoking pot or small quantities of drugs, brutally throwing them on the ground...OY VAY!... Is CA the worst?
Mental Illness caused by BIG PHARMA drugs is a war on the people that must be confronted with truth and justice and our broken mental health system that is SOOO sick!!! WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER AND IT IS WHITE PEOPLE RICH RUDE CRUDE LUDE DUDES RACISTS SCUM BAGS FULL OF HATE AND FEAR AND SOCIOPATHIC LIARS, ROBBERS,
KILLERS GONE WACKO!!! OUR cumulative mutual national disgrace
is a global horror show reruns with new releases horror editions coming out every day!'); return false;">...
49452 3.2 years ago Pat Salomon Monterey,, MA , US
49451 3.2 years ago Anonymous Morgan Hill, CA , US
49450 3.2 years ago Paul Eisenberg Bloomington, IN , US
49449 3.2 years ago Daniel Olson Astoria, NY , US
49448 3.2 years ago Dennis Presson San Francisco, CA , US
49447 3.2 years ago MC Smith Washington, DC , US
49446 3.2 years ago LIZ HARRIS WAUWATOSA, WI , US
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