Local Police with War Weapons: End This Now!

According to the U.S. General Services Administration, one of the programs that allows the Pentagon to give billions of dollars worth of free weapons of war to local U.S. police "offers Americans peace of mind.”

Have images of a war zone in Ferguson, Missouri, boosted your peace of mind?
U.S. General Services Administration: 1122 Program
Missouri Department of Public Safety: DOD 1033
War Resisters League: Facing Tear Gas
Defending Dissent: The Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act
John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization
> Text of Rep. Johnson's Bill
> Rep. Johnson's Dear Colleague Letter

Tell the Pentagon, Congress, and the President: No More Weapons of War for Local Police:

It’s time to halt the flow of war weaponry into our neighborhoods as well as into volatile areas abroad. As a first step we urge support for Congressman Hank Johnson's Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, which would prohibit the transfer to police of high caliber automatic weapons, armored vehicles, armed drones, aircraft, stun grenades, and silencers.

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49920 3.3 years ago Helen Dickey El Cerrito, CA , US
49919 3.3 years ago Robert and Adrienne Dickinson Portland, OR , US We do not live in Nazi Germany. We do not live in an oppressive military state. . . yet. Let's stop this disgusting and terrible move to militarize the police! We have Constitutional Rights! We ...
49918 3.3 years ago Susan Blain Gardner, MA , US What are the people who allowed the weapons of war to be given to local police planning, that they think this is necessary?
49917 3.3 years ago Marilyn Wright Cambridge, NY , US
49916 3.3 years ago Michael Smith Anaheim, CA , US
49915 3.3 years ago Fauna-June Fauth 97112, OR , US Our local sheriff's and police departments should NEVER be armed with military weapons! Nor should they be given armored vehicles, armed drones, aircraft, stun grenades, high caliber automatic weap...
49914 3.3 years ago Lois Corrin Piedmont, CA , US
49913 3.3 years ago Ed D. Metal Denver, CO , US Military grade weapons and equipment are for military use, not local police use.
49912 3.3 years ago C Boooorn Hillsboro, OR , US
49911 3.3 years ago Kristen Cheney Lake Orion, MI , US
49910 3.3 years ago Leo Sullivan Pasadena, CA , US Public militarization is madness. I surrender.
49909 3.3 years ago Deanna Stenson Superior, CO , US
49908 3.3 years ago Will Trippet Georgetown, TX , US They already execute innocent people; they have an incredibly long historical record of abuse already without any aid. Would you give a 3x convicted DWI a class A CDL? Would you give a war crimina...
49907 3.3 years ago charles rudolph Albuquerque, NM , US
49906 3.3 years ago Tina Tine' Knoxville, TN , US
49905 3.3 years ago Cheryl Mcdaniel Spokane, WA , US
49904 3.3 years ago Roy Sutherland Tacoma, WA , US
49903 3.3 years ago Rose Marie Menard Orange, CA , US
49902 3.3 years ago Daniel Bachmann Cambridge, OH , US
49901 3.3 years ago Arlene Pincus San Diego, CA , US
49900 3.3 years ago Carol Leibman Mt. Kisco, NY , US
49899 3.3 years ago Cheryl Quinn Prudenville, MI , US Plain common sense indicates the police do not need military weapons in this country. Who are they intending to use them on? It seems to me there are too many innocent victims of police violence in ...
49898 3.3 years ago Christopher Reddick INDIANAPOLIS, IN , US Stop militarizing law enforcement with military weapons and machinery.
49897 3.3 years ago David Medford Portland, OR , US
49896 3.3 years ago Linda Pierce N Richland Hills , TX , US
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