Stop Feinstein's phony bill and NSA abuses

Congress now faces a stark choice on the NSA and civil liberties.

A bill sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein -- the FISA Improvements Act -- would make matters worse. As ACLU legislative counsel Michelle Richardson puts it, the Feinstein bill "would entrench the current spying programs" of the NSA. "For the first time in history, Congress would explicitly and intentionally authorize dragnet domestic spying programs targeting every day Americans."
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In sharp contrast, a bill sponsored by Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Jim Sensenbrenner -- the USA FREEDOM Act – would take major strides toward ending NSA abuses.

Please take action now to let your senators and representative in Congress know that you want them to oppose the Feinstein bill -- and support the Leahy-Sensenbrenner bill while pushing to make it stronger.

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