Secretary of State Kerry: Reinstate Edward Snowden’s passport!

The U.S. State Department revoked the passport of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose “crime” was to educate Americans and the world about the dangerous growth of the U.S. surveillance state.

Freedom to travel requires a passport. It’s a basic principle.

Ed Snowden didn’t get the due process he deserves.

  Reuters: U.S. Revokes Snowden's Passport
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  Guardian: Brazilian President: U.S. “Breach of International Law”
  Washington Post: NSA Collects Millions of Address Books
  Ray McGovern: Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award

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66013 9 hours ago Wendy Ring Bayside, CA , US He is a patriot. The intelligence community are the traitors who violated our Constitutional rights.
66012 2 days ago Eileen Hamilton Cleveland, OH , US He's one of my heroes. If you don't like the way he did it, come up with a better, safe method a little person can speak truth to power.
66011 3 days ago George Warburg Hamden, CT , US
66010 4 days ago Vukica Lungulov-klotz Purchase, NY , US
66009 4 days ago Esteban Edwards Hartville, OH , US
66008 4 days ago Neil Freson Henrietta, NY , US
66007 4 days ago Theodore Loucks Oak Park, IL , US
66006 4 days ago Robert Flora Belle Mead, NJ , US How do you justify taking away rights gauranteed by our Constritution and acting to violate rights granted citizens by the Constitution? Freedom is disappearing as everyone suspected it would over ...
66005 5 days ago Gene Carlisle TX , US
66004 6 days ago Victor Varin Roanoke, VA , US
66003 6 days ago virginia anderson portsmouth , VA , US He has not issued one word that has been disproven. For god's sake -for our country's sake honor the man.
66002 6 days ago Merle Tillery Oak Park, IL , US
66001 1 week ago mark woodacre Oxford, ot , GB
66000 1 week ago mervyn carson glenageary, ot , IE
65999 1 week ago neil wood Medway UK, GB Time for change and real openess
65997 1 week ago maria bulat Philadelphia,, PA , US Edward Snowden was helping the USA and politicians to know what was happening
65996 1 week ago George Metsopulos Gig Harbor, WA , US Unlike many of the people employed by various government agencies, Edward Snowden is a true patriot.
Honor him for bringing the NSA's abuses to light and punish the sanctimonious hypocrites that...
65995 1 week ago Paul Cohen Avon, CT , US
65994 1 week ago I Berk St Leonard, MD , US
65993 1 week ago Samantha Davis Azle, TX , US I believe Edward Snowden is a hero, not a criminal.
65992 1 week ago Philip Lom New Fairfield, CT , US
65991 1 week ago william sack Fort Wayne, IN , US
65990 1 week ago susan thompson boynton beach, FL , US
65989 1 week ago jerry johnson IN , US
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