Secretary of State Kerry: Reinstate Edward Snowden’s passport!

The U.S. State Department revoked the passport of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose “crime” was to educate Americans and the world about the dangerous growth of the U.S. surveillance state.

Freedom to travel requires a passport. It’s a basic principle.

Ed Snowden didn’t get the due process he deserves.

  Reuters: U.S. Revokes Snowden's Passport
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  Guardian: Brazilian President: U.S. “Breach of International Law”
  Washington Post: NSA Collects Millions of Address Books
  Ray McGovern: Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award

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66792 4 hours ago Anonymous colorado springs, CO , US Snowden is a true patriot and defender of democracy. He has revealed a distressing level of government intrusion into our lives at great personal risk. Without individuals like him willing to put hi...
66791 6 hours ago Brian McGee Traverse City, MI , US
66790 15 hours ago Dmtry Asadov mill valley, CA , US
66789 18 hours ago Scott Rix Spencer, IA , US
66788 23 hours ago George Anderson Murrieta , CA , US
66787 1 day ago philip wagner santa cruz, CA , US Snowden is a hero! The people and the world need to know what the CIA and the secretive neo-con lobby is planning for the world. The people are simply being lied to or only given half of the story. ...
66786 1 day ago Tom & Judy Futch High Springs, FL , US
66785 1 day ago Amy Davis Castle rock, CO , US
66784 1 day ago Virgil Alley Aurora, MO , US What he revealed was every Americans right to know how our government was violating our constitutional rights.
66783 1 day ago Anonymous TX , US
66782 3 days ago Michael McNeil Minneapolis, MN , US
66781 4 days ago Sonia Noemi Cross North Highlands, CA , US All you-white racists-do is Scare and Lie to get what you want. Aren't you-white racists-tired of hating?? Aren't you tired? (from the movie The Help)
66780 4 days ago Albert D Campbell Aberdeen, WA , US
66779 4 days ago Barbara Cerise Renton, WA , US
66778 4 days ago Anonymous Livermore, CA , US Snowden should also be pardoned. He did the right thing as a whistleblower as the NSA over stretched by far. It takes whistleblowers to identify criminal behavior in corporations and corruption wi...
66777 4 days ago Howard Austin North Hills, CA , US
66776 4 days ago Roger Shady Binghamton, NY , US
66775 5 days ago Alexander Barbe San Jose, CA , US
66774 5 days ago Anonymous Norman, OK , US
66773 5 days ago Mr. Evans Clovis, CA , US
66772 5 days ago Cliff Moore Bonney Lake , WA , US As a USS Gridly alum I find this crack down on whistle blowers appalling. It stinks of Richard Nixon.
66771 5 days ago randolph coom edmonds, WA ,
66770 5 days ago Anonymous studio City, CA , US
66769 5 days ago Adrian Marc Seattle, WA , us
66768 5 days ago Ben kagay houston, TX , US
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