Secretary of State Kerry: Reinstate Edward Snowden’s passport!

The U.S. State Department revoked the passport of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose “crime” was to educate Americans and the world about the dangerous growth of the U.S. surveillance state.

Freedom to travel requires a passport. It’s a basic principle.

Ed Snowden didn’t get the due process he deserves.

  Reuters: U.S. Revokes Snowden's Passport
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  Guardian: Brazilian President: U.S. “Breach of International Law”
  Washington Post: NSA Collects Millions of Address Books
  Ray McGovern: Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award

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65858 2 hours ago Nils Tiberg Saltsjöbaden, NY , SE If USA wants to have other parts of the world respect and to stand up for the values that once formed the United States of America start by reinstating the passport of Edward Snowden.
65857 2 hours ago Richard Rogers Philadelphia, PA , US
65856 2 hours ago Dorian Harmans Amsterdam, ot , NL This man is a hero. He exposed the unlawful criminal acts that the NSA committed worldwide. John Kerry, quit the hypocrisy and give this man back his passport. It might provide the USA some level of...
65855 3 hours ago Regine Bohar Toronto, ON , CA Without courageous ans selfless whistles blowers - like Edward Snowden exposing the shady practices of the NSA away from the public eye - there is no democracy. The tax payers have a right to know w...
65854 1 day ago Patsy Washburn Salt Lake City, UT ,
65853 1 day ago Kate Hedlund petaluma, CA , US
65852 2 days ago Anonymous Cass Lake, MN , US Long over due Sec. Kerry !
65851 2 days ago Anonymous s h, FL , US
65850 3 days ago Nicole gurtzweiler toledo, OH , US Didn't you want to know you too were being spied on?
65849 4 days ago Steven Su Burr Ridge, IL , US
65848 4 days ago bobby rawlings alton, IL , US
65847 4 days ago JASON KRUGER LOVELAND, CO , US
65846 4 days ago Candace Esslinger Somerville, MA , US
65845 4 days ago Sharon Barker Tuolumne, CA , US
65844 4 days ago John Wheeler Turangi, ot , NZ Snowden should be given credit for speaking out. We need him.
65843 4 days ago debbie steele Kissimmee, FL , US Eric Snowden has done a service for this country not a crime.
65842 4 days ago Bojan Babic Ilirska Bistrica, ot , SI
65841 5 days ago Gerlinde Puster Munich, DE He is one of the most famous US exile citizen. If you go on as you do far more US citizens will ask for exile. And this is to all of you who use surveillance for their lower motives: You are a shame...
65840 5 days ago Olivier Mehani ot , AU Snowden revealed potentially illegal actions by government agencies. He has rightfully and carefully put them in the public eye. The first step in the due process would be to assess whether govermen...
65839 5 days ago bill rellos los angeles, CA , US
65838 5 days ago John V. R. Bull Philadelphia, PA , US Eric Snowden is a patriot and deserves better - and more intelligent - treatment from our country. He deserves a medal for how he had helped out country.
65837 5 days ago Lisa Perrotta Walpole, MA , US
65836 5 days ago Ryan Rardin Charleston, IL , US Either reinstate Snowden's passport or resign.
65835 5 days ago Raven Haber North Bergen, NJ , US
65834 5 days ago Joachim Saupe Forest Hill, TX , US
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