Tell Google: Don't Be Evil With ALEC

Dozens of corporations have dropped their funding of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). But now Google, Facebook and Yelp are helping to pick up the tab. Background:
SourceWatch: Google, Facebook, Yelp Members ALEC Task Force
FreePress: Tech Titans Jump the Shark

ALEC targets state legislatures around the country to roll back labor rights, environmental protection, civil rights, public health measures and more. Using big money, corporate clout and smooth lobbyists, ALEC teams up with like-minded state lawmakers to draft and enact regressive legislation.

Tell Google and other huge firms to which we'll deliver this petition not to participate in ALEC's corruption of our government:

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38307 1 month ago ryan goldstein Northport, NY , US alec is evil. gooogle what are you thinking
38306 1 month ago K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY , US
38305 1 month ago Anonymous San Francisco, CA , US
38304 1 month ago Julius Popp DE
38303 2 months ago Deborah Ferruccio Norlina, NC , US
38302 2 months ago Lawrence Merlino Saugerties, NY , US
38301 3 months ago Lucas Brown Gaylord, MI , US
38300 3 months ago Lucas Brown Gaylord, MI , US
38299 3 months ago J?nis Berzind Chicago, IL , US I am dropping my goggle ap and going to bing. Goggles support of Alec is sickening. I hide is a dunderhead wih a brain the size of pea.
38298 3 months ago Cal Clements GA , I'm very disappointed in Google.
38297 3 months ago Lew Mills CA , US
38296 3 months ago stephen sharp Thayer, MO , US It's just mind blowing that you would hitch your wagon to such a reactionary group knowing that most of your customers are against their agenda.
38295 3 months ago Steve Wilbur NE , US
38294 3 months ago Kyra Troyan Fire Susan Molinari , she is not serving Google's interests, just the conservative movement
38293 3 months ago janelle Barabash brooklkyn, NY , US
38292 3 months ago Michal Gabanowicz Peachland BC, BC , CA
38291 3 months ago Michal Gabanowicz Peachland BC, BC , CA
38290 3 months ago Scott Ross Raleigh, NC , US
38289 3 months ago Wendy Grow VeroBeach, FL , US
38288 3 months ago R Tapia Manteca, CA , I thought your motto was don't be evil?
38286 3 months ago rex roberts Lacey, WA , US Don't be evil!!!
38285 4 months ago Chris Hagen US Joining ALEC is simply unconscionable for a company - rather for any PERSON, including those who work for a company - with the creed of "Don't be evil." There is no good to be done from "inside" thi...
38284 4 months ago Elizabeth Woodworth Victoria, BC , CA Google, as an information provider to the world, should declare its neutrality politically and not fund any political or corporate oil-based organizations. The kind of thing it could do to help solv...
38283 4 months ago Tony Gelsthorpe Victoria, BC , CA At present, making money and profits seems to be more important to many humans than is the healthiness of the environment and non-human organisms. As a result of not respecting nature, we are on our
Another way of saying this is:
We need to get beyond the Capitalism/hierarchical/money system to a classless, moneyless, stateless, truly democratic, work-for-free and get-for-free society, without borders, world wide.

Curious? While I don\'t agree with every thing some of them write, here are some links:

This first site below *has been hacked and may damage your computer. Don\'t visit it for now. Too bad - it\'s a very good one in my opinion:

***** ***** DON\'T VISIT this one for now - it\'s been hacked and may damage your computer

There are many other sites dealing with these issues.

Effective, Compassionate Communication: (Center for Nonviolent Communication) [NVC] (British Columbia Network for Compassionate Communiication) (for on-line NVC training)

Questions or comments?

Thank you,
Tony G.
Victoria, BC
Canada'); return false;">...
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