You can help "affordable college" idea catch fire

Long-term declines in state higher education funding and more recent severe budget cuts are pushing college out of reach for middle class and low-income students. Students and their families are forced to choose to either take on massive debt or shelve plans to attend college. 

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Katrina vanden Heuvel: An Oregon Trail to End Student Debt

A new plan called "Pay It Forward" recently passed in Oregon. Under Pay It Forward students would attend college with no upfront tuition. Instead, students would contribute a small, fixed-percentage of their income -- about 3 or 4 percent -- for a set number of years after college -- between 10 and 25 depending on where they attend school. Contributions would be placed back into the state's education fund and enable the next class of students to receive the same education free from massive, life-crippling student loans.

Leaders from across the country are considering action on Pay It Forward – but they need to know there's a movement of support behind it.
Email your state  legislators and let them know you support Pay It Forward and expanded funding for public higher education:

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This plan is picking up support across the country. Please let us know when your state starts moving on it.
Maryland: Del. Reznik will introduce legislation.
Massachusetts: Rep. Dan Winslow has introduced legislation, HB 3631, to study Pay It Forward pilots.
New Jersey: Sen. Sweeney and Asm. Riley will introduce legislation.
Ohio: Reps. Hagan and Foley have introduced legislation, HB 242, to study Pay It Forward pilots.
Oregon: Led by Rep. Michael Dembrow, the legislature unanimously passed House Bill 3472 to study Pay It Forward pilots.
Pennsylvania: Rep. Brendan Boyle has introduced House Resolution 429, Pay It Forward study bill, and Sen. Daylin Leach has introduced Senate Bill 1094, to create a loan repayment program using Pay It Forward's income-dependent contribution structure.
Vermont: Sen. Anthony Pollina will introduce legislation.
Washington: Rep. Seaquist will introduce legislation.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley plans to introduce federal Pay It Forward legislation.