Prisoners' massive hunger strike needs your help now

"We are certain that we will prevail . . . the only questions being: How many will die starvation-related deaths before state officials sign the agreement? The world is watching!"

Those words are from prisoners in California's prison system, 12,000 of whom have chosen to stop eating.  These prisoners are routinely abused for their alleged participation in racially divided and violent gangs. Yet they have organized across racial lines and across prisons to nonviolently demand basic human rights, rights that the Geneva Conventions require for prisoners of war, rights that treaties to which the United States is party require for all human beings.

Click below to tell California Governor Jerry Brown and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that we are paying attention to this hunger strike and that we oppose prolonged solitary confinement.
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Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity
Physicians for Human Rights: U.N. Advisor Says Solitary is Torture

Subject: End long-term solitary confinement