Create a Peace Pact Holiday on August 27th

Our holidays include Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day, Yellow Ribbon Day, Independence Day, Military Spouses Appreciation Day, Iraq-Afghanistan Wars Day (yes, Congress created this)

Are you beginning to see a pattern? 

If you think another holiday should be included, please add your name:

When the World Outlawed War, by David Swanson
A New Holiday Is Being Created for Peace
The Peace Pact is listed as in force on the
U.S. State Department website

(open the document, scroll to page 454)


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11589 3 weeks ago Lucas Brown MI , US
11588 1 month ago Leigh Clark CA , US Let's celebrate peace, not war.
11587 1 month ago Nick Boss
11586 1 month ago Robert Gabriel WA , US
11585 1 month ago Alex Webb MA , United States
11584 1 month ago Jonathan Boyne HI , US
11583 1 month ago Misty Hay CA , US
11582 1 month ago Glenn Tepper NY , US
11581 1 month ago Joan R. Banfield MA , US
11580 1 month ago Mitchell VanEtten VA , US
11579 1 month ago Sophia B TX , US
11578 1 month ago charles reavis KY , US
11577 1 month ago Nell Wade CA , US
11576 1 month ago Rob Roberts WA , US
11575 1 month ago Joann Monaco FL , US
11574 1 month ago Jean DePasquale RI , US
11573 1 month ago Kyle Cook GA ,
11572 1 month ago Ed Cox NM , US Viet Nam Veteran 1968, who saw just enough so as to be able to say "ENOUGH!"
11571 1 month ago Anonymous ON , CA To repeat: "War is the greatest destroyer of human life, the greatest polluter, the greatest creator of refugees, the greatest cause of starvation and illness. We all have to care - not just for o...
11570 1 month ago Marsha Millard LA , US Nothing could change the world like peace.
11569 1 month ago Mary Duvall OR , US
11568 1 month ago Mona Seredin NY , US
11567 1 month ago Johanna Pettit CT , US The time has come for war to come to an end.
We need to stop paying to destroy and use our money to build and solve problems.
11566 1 month ago Dorothy Lebovitz CA , US
11565 1 month ago Lawrence Dunn CO , US I read this book about a year ago, and I find it inspiring that VFP is advocating for a Peace Holiday. Thanks, and keep up your wonderful work!
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