Create a Peace Pact Holiday on August 27th

Our holidays include Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day, Yellow Ribbon Day, Independence Day, Military Spouses Appreciation Day, Iraq-Afghanistan Wars Day (yes, Congress created this)

Are you beginning to see a pattern? 

If you think another holiday should be included, please add your name:

When the World Outlawed War, by David Swanson
A New Holiday Is Being Created for Peace
The Peace Pact is listed as in force on the
U.S. State Department website

(open the document, scroll to page 454)


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11855 1 week ago Gordon Gosse ON , CA
11854 1 week ago John Mark Robertson ON , CA
11853 3 weeks ago Candace Casala RI , US
11852 3 months ago Sara Katz CA , US
11851 4 months ago Kimberly Clark AR , US
11850 5 months ago Eugene Bersing MN , US
11849 6 months ago Harvey Siederbaum NY , US
11848 6 months ago Rebecca G Lucas MN , US
11847 7 months ago William M. Comiskey MN , US A World Peace holiday could be a way to draw attention to the U. S. doctrine of perpetual war.
11846 10 months ago Robert Holt MA , US
11845 10 months ago Jonathan Boyne HI , US
11844 12 months ago Nadya Williams CA , US I am an Active Associate member of the San Francisco Chapter of Veterans For Peace.
11843 12 months ago Grace Shahrokh NC , US
11842 12 months ago Douglas Vaughn MD , US
11841 12 months ago Hilda Richey WI , US
11840 12 months ago Barbara Martinez WI , US
11839 12 months ago Ronald Staff MN , US Good law.
11838 12 months ago Norman Hutchinson NY , US
11837 12 months ago Anonymous KS , US In dereliction of its Constitutional duty, the US Congress has not addressed the issue of war/peace except through a "War Powers" act which allows the president to do whatever he pleases.
11836 12 months ago Melvin Turcanik MN , US
11835 12 months ago Charles Davis WA , US
11834 12 months ago Charles Davis WA , US
11833 12 months ago Gary Eichelberger PA , US
11832 12 months ago Ross Heckmann CA , US
11831 12 months ago Sandra Blessing IA , US War is not helping our planet and the people who live on it. It's a money making scheme to keep the profits in the hands of those in power.
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