Austerity's Butcher Shop

As Fermanagh, Ireland, prepares to host officials from the wealthy G8 nations, run-down and abandoned stores have been painted over with images of "free-market" prosperity.  The happy, thriving butcher's shop pictured here consists of stickers plastered to windows.  It wouldn't do for the architects of austerity to see its actual effects.

Fraud and a butcher's shop, in fact, are perfect images for austerity "science," which turns out to be on a par with climate-change denial and creationism.  An influential study claiming to prove that government deficits halt economic growth has recently been debunked.  Claims in the United States that our Social Security system is in trouble have just been disproven for the umpteenth time.
Irish Times: Recession Out of the Picture
BBC: Anti-G8 Protesters Fear 'Heavy-Handed' Police
The Real News: PhD Student Debunks Austerity Study
PERI: Does High Public Debt Stifle Economic Growth?
Sanders Statement on Social Security Trust Fund Report

The United States is rolling in wealth, but the wealth is piled up in the hands of a tiny oligarchy.  That is the real project of austerity.  Public funds are flowing like water, but they're flowing into the Pentagon and prisons and tax breaks for the wealthy, while we cut education, environmental protection, and infrastructure.

Let your public officials know right now that you don't want more of the same to come out of the G8 summit in Ireland.

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