Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair

This campaign is making progress. Let's keep up the pressure.

In addition to her attempt to deny the Bernie Sanders campaign access to its own voter files, Wasserman Schultz has tried in other ways to minimize competition for her candidate, Hillary Clinton. She has done this by scheduling very few primary debates, and scheduling them at times of low TV viewing.

In Congress, she has served as a pro-militarist and corporatist tool of the high bidders. Among recent disgraceful acts was her vote to enable racial discrimination in car buying.

Enough is enough.

We demand that Debbie Wasserman Schultz step down as chair of the DNC.

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48375 3 weeks ago ZRUNDER AKEI Los Angeles, CA
48374 4 weeks ago Michael Antone Alamogordo, NM
48373 4 weeks ago Sarah Martin Ocoee, FL Remove DWS from the DNC
48372 1 month ago mark snow hell, AK you people are a bunch of dumbass idiots with no agenda other than your own........u force your opinions on us..........kiss my asss the bitch I dnt care I am American and a ...
48371 1 month ago richard SMITH Houston, TX
48370 1 month ago Edward Lingler Franklin, PA Time to clean up the party,time for her to go and others to go also.We need a more progressive agenda.We need Bernie to run to clean up .
48369 1 month ago Gale Bailey Rochester , NH
48368 1 month ago Imants Slegelis Grants Pass, OR
48367 1 month ago Anonymous Dallas, TX Islam Minnesota - First Muslim State
carl nordstrom51
carl nordstrom51
Published on Oct 6, 2016

48366 2 months ago Anonymous Dallas, TX You Need To Share This As Fast As Possible
Published on Nov 11, 2016

48365 3 months ago Anonymous Dallas, TX The Bush Crime Family:
Four Generations of Wall Street War-Making and War-Profiteering
August, 2004
By Dr. Eric Karlstrom
I. Introduction

Henry Ford, founder of Fo...
48364 3 months ago Tatyana Figueroa Norwalk, CT
48363 3 months ago Danny Tackett Salisbury, NC This woman is NOT a servant of the people, she is a servant of the Clinton's.....she is a huge part of the problem this nation faces. Time to remove the cancerous politicians for good
48362 3 months ago Randy Milcherska Jacksonville, FL No need to stay in Washington . You lost. Resign!!! You had your time and did nothing . Go get a real job. Crooked politicians must go.
48361 3 months ago Anonymous Chanhassen, MN
48360 3 months ago Diane Brancato Sayville, NY
48359 3 months ago Tatyana Figueroa Norwalk, CT
48358 3 months ago Anonymous GLENDALE, AZ just relocated to az. still need to inform polk county, oregon they need removevme from their roles. thanx. p.s. currently looking for action meeting to attend in phx, fyi me if...
48357 3 months ago Jason Gray HOUSTON, TX
48356 4 months ago Roger Ludemann Montpelier , ID Just another NWO BID BY THE communist Obama Clinton mob to enslave americans
48355 4 months ago Anonymous Dallas, TX Soros-Connected Company Provides Voting Machines In 16 States
Photo of David Krayden
David Krayden
11:25 PM 10/18/2016

48354 4 months ago Anonymous Dallas, TX Hillary Clinton is “Islam’s Whore.” -Liberty GB- Clear proof in $ details… Hillary founded the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, to conduct “high-quality opposition research” to fi...
48353 4 months ago Susan G Sullivan Henderson Sanger, CA
48352 4 months ago Ken Gale NYC, NY The Trans-Pacific Partnership is Citizens United on steroids.

Democracy may be an imperfect system of government, but it's a lot better than what we have now.
48351 5 months ago Anonymous Dallas, TX WND VIDEO
See Hillary's Libyan jihadi atrocities
Graphic scenes of violence unleashed after U.S.-backed overthrow
Published: 15 hours ago

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NEW YORK – The extreme brutality unleashed by the mercenaries and Islamic fighters who joined Libyan-based jihadists to oust leader Moammar Gadhafi with the backing of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and NATO is demonstrated in three videos released to WND.

The videos, obtained through a trusted source, were vetted by Libyan tribal parliamentary leaders who spoke to WND. The Libyans verified the videos were taken in Libya in the weeks after the U.S.-backed NATO bombing that began in 2011.

As WND has reported, Clinton’s State Department had decided to rebuff offers Gadhafi had made to abdicate peacefully and avoid a war. And, meanwhile, Politico reported Tuesday the Obama administration is moving to drop charges against an arms dealer who had threatened to expose Hillary Clinton’s determination to arm anti-Gadhafi rebels.

The Libyan tribal parliamentary leaders, in an exclusive Skype interview published by WND on Sept. 21, characterized Clinton as the “Butcher of Libya.” They contended her State Department was “behind the terrorist groups controlling Libya, Ansar al-Sharia, behind the militia in Misurata who destroyed a great part of Libya and displaced 2 million people from their lands because they were accused of being loyal to Gadhafi.”

The ‘Stop Hillary’ campaign is on fire! Join the surging response to this theme: ‘Clinton for prosecution, not president’

Readers are cautioned that the three videos published here are shockingly graphic.

The first video shows a group of unidentified foreign mercenaries and terrorists interrogating a half-naked soldier from Gadhafi’s army, who is lying prone on his stomach, with his arms and legs spread, while his interrogators simulate sodomy with a weapon and a boot.

Violent interrogation:

Read more at'); return false;">...
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