Rahm Emanuel Should Resign Now

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel oversaw the withholding from public view -- for more than a year -- of a video of a police murder of a teenager.

The police officer who shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times, continuing to shoot his motionless body on the ground, has now been indicted for first-degree murder.

The video was kept secret for 13 months
, during which time Emanuel never corrected the blatant lies by the Chicago Police Department that maintained the victim had lunged at the police with a knife just before he was shot. The video shows this to have been a complete fabrication.

A mayor willing to cover for the murder of his constituent is no mayor at all.
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Chicago residents and people across the country demand Mayor Rahm Emanuel's immediate resignation.

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21561 3.8 years ago Laurie Bushbaum Minneapolis, MN This behavior is so disgraceful I don't even have words for it. You have no right now to hold your public position. You have utterly betrayed the trust of humanity.
21560 4.5 years ago Anonymous Arlington , TX
21559 4.7 years ago Barbara Felton Brooklyn, NY This behavior must stop. It's genocide against people of color and will only get worse with the current administration. Resist death by cop NOW!!!
21558 4.9 years ago Anonymous Pompano Beach , FL
21557 5.6 years ago James Calkins Oklahoma City, Ok, OK You are an example of whats wrong with america, corrupt, stupid,ineffective. You are just fucking stupid.
21556 5.7 years ago Anonymous ag, CA Rahm has failed on all fronts in Chicago. More murders than ever before. Rahms solution to streghthen gun laws has failed and left only criminals with guns. Rahm has got to go....he is ineffective a...
21555 5.7 years ago Patrick ARMSTRONG Maywood, IL
21554 5.7 years ago Cindy Jefferys Thorndale, TX
21553 5.8 years ago ed kinane syracuse, NY
21552 5.8 years ago Anonymous Chicago, IL For the 3rd year in a row, people are leaving Chicago/IL in record numbers and the state is broke. We been Rahm out.
21551 5.8 years ago Paul Stills Santa Monica, CA
21550 5.8 years ago Zack Stills Santa Monica, CA
21549 5.8 years ago Rosa De Santiago San Mateo, CA
21548 5.8 years ago Deborah Hirsh San Leandro , CA
21547 6 years ago Rebecca Mathis Edgewater Park , NJ
21546 6 years ago John Steven Livacich Redlands, CA That is not good tends to obstruct justice.
21545 6 years ago Ken Gale NYC, NY You don't have the moral right to kill them.
21544 6 years ago M.B. Hardy Raleigh, NC
21543 6.1 years ago Cindy Jefferys Thorndale, TX
21542 6.1 years ago Cindy Jefferys Thorndale, TX
21541 6.1 years ago Anonymous Bremerton , WA
21540 6.2 years ago Michael Sidoric Austin, TX Rahm Emanuel kept evidence of criminal wrongdoing by CPD from public release to save his own political hide. This crooked weasel should resign now – or be forcibly removed from office by citizens. H...
21539 6.2 years ago Bill Qutub Milwaukie, OR
21538 6.3 years ago Anonymous Los Angeles, CA
21537 6.3 years ago JOSEPH CRUMEDY,SR bronx, NY
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