No to Republibama Government

In ballot initiatives across the country people just voted for raising the minimum wage, banning fracking, funding schools, taxing millionaires and billionaires, legalizing marijuana, reducing prison sentences, providing paid sick leave, and imposing background checks on gun purchases.

The White House and Republicans are talking up the NAFTA-on-steroids Trans-Pacific Partnership, an escalated war in Iraq and Syria, and the elimination of internet neutrality. The new Congress will be pushing for the tar sands pipeline that Obama has for years refused to stop. Obama's surveillance state will have a willing partner, as will his agenda of burying information on the crimes of his predecessor.

We reject this agenda of war, environmental destruction, and media monopolies.

We favor a higher minimum wage, a smaller military, smaller prisons, more investment in schools, and the progressive initiatives that passed on November 4th.

We will be pressuring all elected officials to move in this wiser and more popular direction.

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26968 4.8 years ago Anonymous Arlington , TX , US
26967 6.1 years ago Sylvia Field lebanon, NH , US From everything I hear, The TPP is not a good idea and I wish you would not try to push it through. I believe Bernie on this one.
26966 6.7 years ago jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL , US
26965 6.9 years ago Jeanne Mackay Marysville, MI , US
26964 7.2 years ago Philip Strickland Akron, OH , US
26963 7.2 years ago Philip Strickland Akron, OH , US
26962 7.2 years ago Philip Strickland Akron, OH , US
26961 7.3 years ago Elias Welsh Berkeley, CA , US
26960 7.3 years ago S B Rutland, VT , US
26959 7.4 years ago peter leeftink zwolle, ot , NL
26958 7.4 years ago Dorothy Norris-Elye Winnipeg, MB , CA Just came across this, attached to a years-old comment - still as necessary as ever. So even if it sits in limbo, I figure I'll sign it, and it will probably do just as much good as it would have ye...
26957 7.5 years ago peter leeftink zwolle, ot , NL
26956 7.5 years ago Paul Stills Santa Monica, CA , US
26955 7.5 years ago Zack Stills Santa Monica, CA , US
26954 7.5 years ago Connie Jean Santa Monica, CA , US
26953 7.7 years ago Reba B. Gainesville, FL , US
26952 7.7 years ago Elaine & Larry Green Bellingham, WA , US
26951 7.7 years ago Jordan Hunnicut Cartersville, GA , US
26950 7.7 years ago Ken Gale NYC, NY , US Democracy may be an imperfect system of government, but it's a lot better than what we have now.
26949 7.7 years ago Mark Teig Pine Bush, NY , US
26948 7.7 years ago Nancy Hoffman Sparks, NV , US
26947 7.8 years ago David Dubin Campbell, CA , US Yes and we also are ready in this country not just for Obamacare (which despite its imperfections was a step in the right direction and gave millions more insurance including those with pre-exis...
26946 7.8 years ago Emily Palmieri Allentown, PA , US
26945 7.8 years ago cameron ladner philadelphia, PA , US there is NO reason EVER good enough to ignore the majority vote and decline to be a politician of the people by the people and for the people…the majority IS waking up when will YOU??????
26944 7.9 years ago Alec Scott Chicago, IL , US We've had several decades of 'free trade' - and all we have seen is lowering wages, rising trade deficits, and rising corporate profits. Corporate profits do not equal jobs or living wages for work...
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