Local Police with War Weapons: End This Now!

According to the U.S. General Services Administration, one of the programs that allows the Pentagon to give billions of dollars worth of free weapons of war to local U.S. police "offers Americans peace of mind.”

Have images of a war zone in Ferguson, Missouri, boosted your peace of mind?
U.S. General Services Administration: 1122 Program
Missouri Department of Public Safety: DOD 1033
War Resisters League: Facing Tear Gas
Defending Dissent: The Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act
John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization
> Text of Rep. Johnson's Bill
> Rep. Johnson's Dear Colleague Letter

Tell the Pentagon, Congress, and the President: No More Weapons of War for Local Police:

It’s time to halt the flow of war weaponry into our neighborhoods as well as into volatile areas abroad. As a first step we urge support for Congressman Hank Johnson's Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, which would prohibit the transfer to police of high caliber automatic weapons, armored vehicles, armed drones, aircraft, stun grenades, and silencers.

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47129 5 hours ago Richard Glad
47128 10 hours ago Phoebe Kilby US
47127 10 hours ago David Villalpando Chicago, IL , US
47126 1 day ago Anonymous TX , US
47125 1 day ago Towana Long Griffith, IN , US Because I'm sick of the race soldiers who claim to be police
47124 1 day ago Gary Coach The eye was on Ferguson Missouri so the mefia can put the image of black suppression by militarized police but as this vid showed, this not about race but class. We all have a dog in this fight and ...
47123 1 day ago jay howland topeka, KS , US
47122 1 day ago Alean Baker Chicago, IL , US
47121 1 day ago Aaron Willson
47120 1 day ago Anonymous NC , US
47119 1 day ago Anais Tuepker Portland, OR , US
47118 2 days ago Kate McNeely Brooklyn, NY , US
47117 2 days ago Corey Bell Hawthorne, CA ,
47116 2 days ago Randy Ramsey WV , US
47115 2 days ago Lillian Chen El Cajon, CA , US
47114 2 days ago Ruthie De Hoag Tucson, AZ , US
47113 2 days ago Kelly Fowler Tampa, FL , US A military force to be used against it's own citizens does NOT provide me with peace of mind. This madness needs to end.
47112 2 days ago Jon Engle Latrobe, PA , US No more war on the American people!
47111 2 days ago connie cunningham morrison, MO , this must stop!!
47110 2 days ago Anonymous NE , US
47109 2 days ago John Vance Loveland, OH , US I remember when I could trust the police. I once had respect for them. Now, I fear them.
47108 2 days ago Betty Swift Pawtucket, RI , US They MURDERED my son and covered their crime with money to my Grandson!!
47107 2 days ago Darrell Kitchen Waddell, AZ , US Since when has "Protect and Serve" become "Search and Destroy"? That's exactly what is happening / has happened. Irrefutably!
47106 2 days ago Lynne Parker Clarks Hill, SC , US
47105 2 days ago Jonathan Bloom VA , End militarization, the war on drugs, and give those tools to the people who actually need them.
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