Stop revolving door between Human Rights Watch and U.S. Gov't

Why did Human Rights Watch select a former CIA official (Miguel D
íaz) to sit on its advisory committee for eight years?

Human Rights Watch characterizes itself as an "independent, international organization" -- and yet its staff, board of directors and advisory committees boast deep ties to the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Nobel Peace Laureates to HRW: Close Your Revolving Door to U.S. Government
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More Than 100 Latin America Experts Question HRW's Venezuela Report

Before becoming HRW's Washington advocacy director, for example, Tom Malinowski served as a special assistant to President Bill Clinton. Now he's President Obama's Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

In 2009 he argued that "under limited circumstances" there was "a legitimate place" for CIA renditions -- the illegal practice of kidnapping and transferring terrorism suspects around the planet. In 2011 he wrote approvingly about Obama's unconstitutional NATO bombing campaign on Libya.

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The credibility of a global human-rights organization depends on its independence. Human Rights Watch has done important, critical work, but it can do better. It should implement at least a five-year "cooling-off" period before and after its associates move between HRW and the U.S. government's foreign-policy divisions. Human Rights Watch associates should concentrate on protecting human rights. They should not have conflicts of interest with past or future careers in branches of the U.S. government that may themselves be involved in human-rights violations.

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15960 Mon Jul 21 16:55:21 EDT 2014 Stephanie Remington Costa Mesa, CA , US
15959 Mon Jul 21 14:50:08 EDT 2014 Anonymous Beltsville, MD , US
15958 Sun Jul 20 12:20:29 EDT 2014 María Sagrario Barrio Madrid, ot , ES
15957 Sat Jul 19 23:34:14 EDT 2014 David Ziegler Chicago, IL , US Credibility is lacking with this revolving door!
15956 Sat Jul 19 14:31:22 EDT 2014 Pat Shelton Jacksonville, FL , US
15955 Sat Jul 19 11:32:31 EDT 2014 donald heisler sun city center, FL , US
15954 Sat Jul 19 01:54:15 EDT 2014 Mikaela Sillman Hilo, HI , US
15953 Fri Jul 18 20:23:01 EDT 2014 Will Coleman Greenville, SC , US
15952 Fri Jul 18 13:28:27 EDT 2014 Gwynyth Chmara-Huff Granville , OH , US
15951 Fri Jul 18 12:10:09 EDT 2014 Karen and Jeff Hay Kailua, HI , US
15950 Fri Jul 18 06:26:18 EDT 2014 Anonymous Clio , MI , US
15949 Thu Jul 17 12:03:38 EDT 2014 Mark Bebawi Sugarland , TX , US This "cooling off period" is a good idea for all companies and organizations. The revolving door is bad for the country and the world.
15948 Wed Jul 16 15:24:26 EDT 2014 rebecca harmon arlington, VA , US
15947 Wed Jul 16 13:21:08 EDT 2014 M Henri Day Stockholm, ot , SE
15946 Wed Jul 16 11:09:36 EDT 2014 Steven Kostis New York, NY , US
15945 Wed Jul 16 10:02:42 EDT 2014 donald heisler sun city center, FL , US
15944 Wed Jul 16 04:19:20 EDT 2014 Rachel Kelley Denver, CO , US
15943 Wed Jul 16 01:22:27 EDT 2014 Anonymous Columbia, MO , US
15942 Mon Jul 14 22:34:11 EDT 2014 Frances Hoenigswald Philadelphia, PA , US
15941 Mon Jul 14 16:09:52 EDT 2014 Pete Dolack Brooklyn, NY , US
15940 Mon Jul 14 11:23:32 EDT 2014 Nancy Thede Montréal, QC , CA In the course of my former activities in Canada's paragovernmental institution Rights & Democracy, I was constantly in touch with HRW staff and had great respect for the political analysis contained in More....
15939 Mon Jul 14 10:10:41 EDT 2014 Mehdi Jaber Paris, GB
15938 Mon Jul 14 08:00:23 EDT 2014 Anonymous setif, ot , DZ peaaaaaaaaaaaaaace pleaaaaase
15937 Sun Jul 13 21:12:39 EDT 2014 Rebecca Farmer Berkeley, CA , US
15936 Sun Jul 13 14:08:02 EDT 2014 Maya Dream'z Sétif, PR , DZ
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