Bradley Manning's Nobel Peace Prize

Whistleblower Bradley Manning has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he should receive it.

No individual has done more to push back against what Martin Luther King Jr. called "the madness of militarism" than Bradley Manning.

And right now, remaining in prison and facing relentless prosecution by the U.S. government, no one is more in need of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alfred Nobel's will left funding for a prize to be awarded to "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

The intent of the prize was to fund this work. As a result of enormous legal expenses, Bradley Manning is in need of that funding.

Please sign this petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

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I urge you to award the Peace Prize to Bradley Manning.
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112489 Tue Aug 12 07:33:29 EDT 2014 Anonymous IT
112488 Sat Aug 09 09:06:49 EDT 2014 Damien McLeod Key Largo, FL , US
112487 Mon Aug 04 14:36:43 EDT 2014 Kersti Ahven Nipomo, CA , USA
112486 Fri Aug 01 20:54:51 EDT 2014 ryan hebert Broussard, LA , US
112485 Wed Jul 30 17:22:14 EDT 2014 Miguel Sanchez Berkeley, CA , US
112484 Wed Jul 30 16:26:37 EDT 2014 Miguel Sanchez Berkeley, CA , US Obama should give Mr. Manning a pardon. Mr. Manning didn't have any other venue of communication to let American citizens that some people in the military were abusing power.
112483 Tue Jul 29 18:26:40 EDT 2014 moreno galata milan, ot , IT
112482 Mon Jul 28 20:48:07 EDT 2014 Graham Day AU
112481 Wed Jul 23 19:27:25 EDT 2014 Anonymous ES Y para que el premio vuelva a ser honorable, deben retirarselo a Obama.
Si eso no ocurre, el valor del premio será solo monetario.
112480 Sun Jul 20 23:59:59 EDT 2014 Christopher Borriello Seattle, WA , US
112479 Sun Jul 20 19:13:08 EDT 2014 Knut Gigs Bergen, NO
112478 Wed Jul 16 23:36:23 EDT 2014 Ryan Brady NY , US
112477 Mon Jul 14 17:43:06 EDT 2014 Rebecca Farmer Berkeley, CA , US
112476 Mon Jul 14 04:13:11 EDT 2014 johannes reyer AT reveal warcrimes isnt a crime
112475 Fri Jul 11 16:59:35 EDT 2014 Anonymous ot , ZA
112474 Mon Jun 30 02:29:42 EDT 2014 LEWIS WALDEN SAN FRANCISCO, CA , US
112473 Tue Jun 24 03:11:48 EDT 2014 Lewis Amack Monterey Park, CA , US A hero, unlike war-mongering Geo W Bush, who should be prosecuted for murder.
112472 Mon Jun 23 13:09:10 EDT 2014 Cheryl Weaver Waterloo, IA , US Great honor for this gentleman and hero.
112471 Wed Jun 18 05:31:47 EDT 2014 Nickolai Bornkessel Oslo, ot , NO This would be a small step for one, but a giant leap for us all <3
112470 Wed Jun 18 03:54:30 EDT 2014 Anonymous NO
112469 Tue Jun 17 16:48:46 EDT 2014 Jan Vaaland Johannessen Oslo, NO I would be very proud of my country if we gave the Peace Prize to Bradley Chelsea Manning. No one has done more to earn it for many years. I think Alfred Nobel would appreciated it, as well.
112468 Fri Jun 13 21:41:50 EDT 2014 Faviola De La Pena Mesa, AZ , US
112467 Fri Jun 13 05:09:44 EDT 2014 Anonymous CA FREE THIS WOMAN!!!
112466 Fri Jun 13 05:06:39 EDT 2014 Anonymous CA This person is a hero. If this is how the government treats a person who is willing to share the truth about the world... no wonder why we are all suppressed of telling and knowing the truth. TRUTH CONQUERS More....
112465 Wed Jun 11 18:35:09 EDT 2014 William Mekemson Ames, IA , US Exposing lies, injustice, murders and coverups needs to be protected. Whistle-blowers are incredibly important to a safe and just society.
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