Thank Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to actions that fulfilled his moral obligations, and for which he has our gratitude.

We're going to thank him, and you can add your name to the card below.


We write to express our gratitude for the risks you took to inform us of the criminal and immoral actions of our government and to create a public debate about those policies. We know that you have suffered for your actions, and we consider that an additional offense by a government that is failing to represent us.

We also know that you were successful. People have been informed, and a debate is underway. We won't let it die. We will continue to advance the debate until our government begins respecting human life. We won't forget your remarkable contribution.

Stay strong.
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23498 Tue Jul 30 13:20:38 EDT 2013 Jill Rowe Edmonton, AB , CA • A man among robots. If humanity were to get a vote on Manning's sentence he would walk free today. We recognize hero's. morality and self sacrifice of the highest order.
Thank you Bradley for reminding More....
23497 Fri Jul 26 06:04:48 EDT 2013 Sebastian Job AU Your courage, my friend, is your light. Is our light.
23496 Mon Jul 22 18:12:02 EDT 2013 Barbara Riley Columbus, OH , US I admire your courage!
23495 Wed Jul 17 19:44:57 EDT 2013 Randall Mitchell Thank you for sacrificing your freedom to do what you know to be right. This country needs more men like you. Hell, the world does.
23494 Wed Jul 17 19:04:50 EDT 2013 Andreas Eriksson SE
23493 Wed Jul 17 19:04:20 EDT 2013 Anonymous Fuck yeah Brad! Let em know!!!!!!
23492 Wed Jul 17 19:02:09 EDT 2013 Anonymous Smithville, TX , US Run for President when this battle gets through with. True American's will vote for you, the man who stood for truth when no one else wanted to.
23491 Wed Jul 17 18:59:58 EDT 2013 joe e FL , US Thank you Brad you're a hero
23490 Wed Jul 17 18:57:35 EDT 2013 Kieran Fawcus Blyth, ot , GB
23489 Wed Jul 17 18:01:36 EDT 2013 red baron
23488 Wed Jul 17 17:59:36 EDT 2013 Love4 WorldPeace NL You're an inspiration! Stay strong hun, for the world is grateful for your sacrifices! Big hugs to you!!!!
23487 Tue Jul 09 10:19:16 EDT 2013 Robert Warfield Ithaca, NY , US
23486 Thu Jul 04 14:58:41 EDT 2013 Roger Fox Carlsbad, CA , US
23485 Tue Jun 25 07:45:42 EDT 2013 Susan Morucci Elkridge, MD , US
23484 Sun Jun 23 09:50:29 EDT 2013 Darlene Newcom Hinton, WV , US Stay strong Brad. We support you
23483 Sun Jun 16 16:12:24 EDT 2013 Daniel Thelen Libertyville, IL , US
23482 Sat Jun 08 05:50:29 EDT 2013 Rita Lawrence Weybridge, ot , GB I am a dual citizen currently residing in the UK and appreciate hearing the truth.
23481 Wed Jun 05 11:44:37 EDT 2013 Dario Garcia Pasadena, CA , US You're a hero!
23480 Wed Jun 05 11:26:03 EDT 2013 Clifford Provost New York, NY , US
23479 Tue Jun 04 12:11:41 EDT 2013 Melissa Martinez Los Angeles , CA , US
23478 Tue Jun 04 01:42:08 EDT 2013 Terri Mitchell Oxnard, CA , US We love you Bradley and will be by your side all the way. They cannot touch your soul, your heart or your dignity, for they have none.
23477 Mon Jun 03 16:28:34 EDT 2013 Cathryn McWilliams FI Thank you Bradley. You are never far from my thoughts.
23476 Sat Jun 01 18:27:51 EDT 2013 Matt Blake Shoreham by Sea, GB
23475 Wed May 29 18:34:08 EDT 2013 John Kleinpell Tenino, WA , US
23474 Sat May 25 20:27:18 EDT 2013 Horace Walthall Ashland, OR , US
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