Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

After receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama has made perpetual war look more perpetual than ever.

Today, there are more U.S. troops in Afghanistan than when Obama took office. His increasing intervention in Syria promises the loss of even more than the nearly 100,000 lives already needlessly sacrificed.  His intervention in Libya cost thousands of lives while destabilizing the entire region.  His presidency has widened the use of drones and other instruments of remote killing without limit to almost any place on the globe.

Please sign this petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee:

I urge you to rescind the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Barack Obama.
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28054 Thu Oct 30 11:37:26 EDT 2014 Robert Shmigelsky Oliver, BC , CA It is no longer morally acceptable for the US to police the world, if it ever was...

Isn't that what the UN should be for?
28053 Wed Oct 29 06:02:38 EDT 2014 Neil Saaty CA , US Who will be the next recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize? Benjamin Netanyahu?
28052 Wed Oct 29 00:42:11 EDT 2014 Brenden Hiskins ot , AU Take the Nobel Peace Prize away from this war criminal. And also take it away from Henry Kissinger as well.
28051 Tue Oct 28 19:54:30 EDT 2014 Linda Van Art La Crosse, WI , US I agree. Take the prize back from Obama and give it to Bradley Manning.
28050 Tue Oct 28 18:52:32 EDT 2014 Nicole Rosa CO Springs, CO , US Nobel Peace Prize does not equal DRONE STRIKES!
28049 Tue Oct 28 17:13:01 EDT 2014 Anonymous WI , US
28048 Tue Oct 28 14:30:50 EDT 2014 David Pollard sao martinho do porto, ot , PT The Nobel Prize for Peace used to mean something. Since Obamas' award it is now worthless.
28047 Mon Oct 27 21:37:07 EDT 2014 Caitlin Goldberg CO ,
28046 Mon Oct 27 10:27:22 EDT 2014 Roger Francoeur manchester, NH , US
28045 Sat Oct 25 22:16:12 EDT 2014 Anonymous Huntington Beach, CA , US This is a tarnish on the value of the Nobel Peace Prize. This man has done nothing to create any kind of Peace. He has done the exact opposite and deserves no award of this honor!
28044 Fri Oct 24 23:03:05 EDT 2014 Ninita Metcalf Obama has not and is not for peace either at home or abroad. It does not seem that he has even tried to live up to the honor; but to the contrary, he has sown division, strife, and hatred. If the Nobel More....
28043 Thu Oct 23 10:20:44 EDT 2014 Sandy Westmoreland Midlothian, VA , US Al Gore, too!
28042 Thu Oct 23 10:19:17 EDT 2014 Sandy Westmoreland Midlothian, VA , US Al Gore, too!
28041 Tue Oct 21 06:38:17 EDT 2014 Justin King WA , US
28040 Mon Oct 20 20:27:30 EDT 2014 Elizabeth Schumann Ann Arbor, MI , US He does not deserve this honor. It makes a mockery of the Peace Prize to give it to a war monger like Barack Obama.
28039 Mon Oct 20 15:49:50 EDT 2014 Ryan Marker NJ , US He only won the prize for being the first black president. He has been a terror since and does not deserve the award at all.
28038 Mon Oct 20 11:13:29 EDT 2014 Havely Taylor MD , US I had such high hopes when Obama was elected. Because of him, I have lost all interest in politics. He should certainly have this award rescinded. The fact that Obama won this award and Noam Chomsky has More....
28037 Mon Oct 20 09:14:23 EDT 2014 David Hilton AU Barry go home to Kenya please.
28036 Sun Oct 19 19:41:20 EDT 2014 Bjorn Eriksson
28035 Sun Oct 19 17:31:44 EDT 2014 Rael Nidess, M.D. Marshall, TX , US Not only had he done nothing to earn the prize when awarded, his conduct since receiving it has qualified him to have it retracted.
28034 Sun Oct 19 14:17:15 EDT 2014 Anonymous Diegem, BE
28033 Sun Oct 19 11:20:02 EDT 2014 Anonymous KS , US
28032 Sat Oct 18 15:32:01 EDT 2014 Robert Stiefel Dover, NH , US I nominate Edward Snowden to receive the Nobel Peace Prize as a counterweight to the lamentable error in awarding it without just cause to Barak Obama. I regret writing this about Mr. Obama, but I am More....
28031 Sat Oct 18 11:23:57 EDT 2014 Anonymous MA , US He did nothing to deserve a Peace Prize.
I was an abomination that he got it for nothing.
28030 Sat Oct 18 09:21:51 EDT 2014 greg pollio
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