Bradley Manning's Nobel Peace Prize

Whistleblower Bradley Manning has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he should receive it.

No individual has done more to push back against what Martin Luther King Jr. called "the madness of militarism" than Bradley Manning.

And right now, remaining in prison and facing relentless prosecution by the U.S. government, no one is more in need of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alfred Nobel's will left funding for a prize to be awarded to "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

The intent of the prize was to fund this work. As a result of enormous legal expenses, Bradley Manning is in need of that funding.

Please sign this petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

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Petition delivery covered by: Reuters, AFP.


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I urge you to award the Peace Prize to Bradley Manning.
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112677 Sat Jan 29 18:20:55 EST 2022 Kajal chakrabarty Jamshedpur, IN+38 , IN My dear my global friends norwegiean with Swedish nobel committe iam kajal chakrabarty .indian bengoli citizen in Jharkhand state .to the post master(nobel panel) my dear sir ihere by wish to register More....
112676 Wed Jul 14 11:58:14 EDT 2021 Tama McGlinn Engwierum, NL+02 , NL
112675 Sun Jan 24 04:48:04 EST 2021 Kajal chakrabarty Jamshedpur, IN+38 , IN My dear friends of Norwegian novel Committee. please registration. novel peace prize of my political solution. for global peace .dear dir ( nobel panel)i here by wish to my support for More....
112674 Thu Aug 27 12:41:26 EDT 2020 Sujan Selvanathan Milton, ON , CA
112673 Wed Jun 24 10:25:22 EDT 2020 zahra zafar Islamabad, AR , PK thanks for sharing really appreciated amazing one keep posting
112672 Sun May 10 00:46:14 EDT 2020 Kajal chakrabarty Jamshedpur, IN+38 , IN Send to post master@novel panel dear sir ihere by wish to registerd my support for Bradley .thank you
112671 Fri Apr 10 14:00:30 EDT 2020 G Thomas Couser QUAKER HILL, CT , US
112670 Sat Mar 21 14:02:02 EDT 2020 Miloš Pospíšil Skute?, CZ+45 , CZ
112669 Mon Nov 11 01:38:00 EST 2019 Anonymous Jamshed pur, DC , IN My dear Sir iwish to here by support Bradley.for my global political solution. Of peace thank you my dear sir . (Novel panel)
112668 Mon Nov 11 01:37:54 EST 2019 Anonymous Jamshed pur, DC , IN My dear Sir iwish to here by support Bradley.for my global political solution. Of peace thank you my dear sir . (Novel panel)
112667 Tue Oct 15 15:56:21 EDT 2019 Anonymous Ripon, CA , US Assange and Snowden too. True patriots of the world.
112666 Sat Jun 08 16:15:40 EDT 2019 Kevin Gallagher Danbury, CT , US Humanity rejoices in the presence of Bradley Manning
112665 Thu Apr 25 09:38:45 EDT 2019 flavio scaggiante IT
112664 Sun Mar 10 06:42:02 EDT 2019 Mitzi Perkins Sanger, TX , US
112663 Sun Apr 15 20:55:21 EDT 2018 Anonymous Arlington , TX , US
112662 Sun Mar 25 16:11:07 EDT 2018 joyce banzhaf santa cruz, CA , US
112661 Sun Mar 25 09:20:58 EDT 2018 William Hess Edwardsville, IL , US A true champion for accountability of those in power.
112660 Wed Feb 14 04:01:55 EST 2018 Lars Ernholm Stockholm, ot , SE
112659 Sat Feb 03 08:57:47 EST 2018 Anonymous Jamshedpur village govind pur, ot , IN My dear sir please nominate to me for my political solution for globals peace (Nobel panel)dear sir I here by wish to register my support Bradley thank you
112658 Thu Dec 21 07:42:26 EST 2017 Anonymous New York City, NY , SM Chelsea is a hero. She has only showed what the army was doing. Violation of human rights. And for that, she was unfairly in jail, where she was badly treated for her being a transgender woman.
112657 Tue Oct 17 11:08:20 EDT 2017 Kajal Chakrabarty Jamshedpur village govind pur, ot , IN My sir iam kajal chakrabarty (Nobel panel)my dear sir I hereby wish to register my support for Bradley for my united communism this united communism is actual global s peace full political solution More....
112656 Wed Aug 30 13:02:22 EDT 2017 JeffreyHeiftTY JeffreyHeiftTY Edson, NB , CA Enigma — ??????? WordPress. ??????? ????????? ??????? ?????? ????????? <a href=>Show more!..</a>
112655 Thu Aug 24 00:13:35 EDT 2017 Ivan Kolev BG
112654 Tue Aug 08 16:12:16 EDT 2017 EL EL PR , PR Wow,Fantastic article,it's so helpful to me,and your blog is very good, I've learned a lot from your blog here,Keep on going,my friend,I will keep an eye on it,One more thing,thanks for your post!
<a More....
112653 Thu Aug 03 21:28:53 EDT 2017 Teresa Carranco México, Distrito Federal, MX
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