Yes to changing Medicare age

Members of Congress who propose changing the eligibility age for Medicare are correct -- but they're headed in the wrong direction.

We believe they should change it to zero!

Our country ranks first in money spent on healthcare, but 45th in life expectancy.  One reason is the incredible waste of the private insurance industry, and the additional waste of subsidizing it.  

Medicare could use many improvements, but it is an order of magnitude more efficient than the for-profit corporations.

Raising the age for Medicare could leave hundreds of thousands of seniors uninsured, as states with budget deficits fail to expand Medicaid, and as the Department of Health and Human Services continues to issue waivers to businesses and insurance companies.

Senator Jeff Merkley has called raising the age "a virtual death sentence."

But lowering the age would increase Medicare's efficiency, improve our health, lengthen our lives, and reduce what we spend on healthcare.

Tell Congress and the President to make the eligibility age for Medicare zero!