People’s Petition Against Austerity

In solidarity with the Coalition of Resistance in Europe, we in the United States stand shoulder-to-shoulder prepared to nonviolently resist an agenda already more advanced on our own shores.


The failed policies of the politicians and the bankers caused the financial crisis. Spending cuts on peaceful programs, in combination with outrageous military spending, are driving us into poverty. An economic alternative is essential to protect ordinary people, and to save and expand healthcare, retirement, and other human-needs programs.


We call on the forces and individuals who share these ideas to merge as soon as possible into a broad coalition, to create a transitional program, and to coordinate our international actions in order to mobilize the forces of a powerful public movement.

Our governments should:

Stop cuts to peaceful programs and halt privatization, while massively cutting war spending;

Tax billionaires and millionaires and big business;

Radically restructure public debt, especially at the expense of the private banking giants, and regain control of the banks, as well as the financing of the economy;

Ban uncontrolled derivatives altogether, and create real economic development instead of speculative profits;

Invest in jobs, homes, public services, and the environment, and in a program of conversion from war industries to sustainable civilian jobs;

Return to stimulating demand through new investment programs, new regulations, taxation and control of the flow of international capital and goods -- a new form of protectionism in a reasonable and prudent United States which will be a protagonist in the fight for a multipolar, democratic, demilitarized, and ecological society.
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This petition has a goal of 15000 signatures

12725 total signers.

In partnership and solidarity with:

Some Notable U.S. Signers:

Steve Cobble
Jeff Cohen
Peter Cohen
Bernadette Evangelist
Carol Gay
Alanna Hartzok
Ben Manski
Cynthia McKinney
Eleanor Ommani
Carlos Salamanca
Cindy Sheehan
Norman Solomon
David Swanson
Brian Willson
Kevin Zeese

Big Apple Coffee Party
CodePink Greater Dallas
Earth Rights Institute
Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution
NJ State Industrial Union Council
Progressive Democrats Sonoma County
Washington Liberals

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