Free John Kiriakou

On June 18, 2009, President Obama declared that no one in the CIA would be prosecuted for torture.  But now a CIA officer is finally going to prison in connection with torture.  However, this CIA officer didn't torture anyone -- he blew the whistle on torture.

In 2007, John Kiriakou was the first former CIA officer to publicly acknowledge that the CIA was waterboarding people.  The retribution for that act of whistleblowing began immediately.

The CIA began filing crime reports with the Department of Justice against Kiriakou.  The IRS audited him in 2007 and has done so every year since.  His wife was forced out of her job at the CIA.  In 2010 an FBI agent pretending to be a foreign spy tried to entrap Kiriakou, who reported the incidents to the FBI.  The same FBI follows him everywhere, including into his children's school.

The DOJ tried unsuccessfully to prosecute Kiriakou under the Espionage Act as a supposed enemy of the state.  He became unemployable and racked up a million dollars in lawyers' bills.

Now Kiriakou is finally going to prison for 30 months for the act of telling an author the name of someone to interview, even though the name was already known and Kiriakou's prosecution has made it better known. 

Ask President Obama to pardon or commute Kiriakou's sentence now!