Worst Corporation in the World

There's tough competition for the title of worst corporation, but at least lately the honor has to go to Shell and its "parent" Royal Dutch Petroleum.

First, the U.S. Supreme Court has taken up the case of Nigerian activists murdered and tortured with Shell's complicity. 
The Court is expected to rule that, although corporations have been given constitutional rights through Citizens United and related decisions, they do not bear responsibility for their crimes, or at least not for their crimes abroad.

Second, half a dozen Democratic senators are pleading with the Obama administration not to give Shell new leases to drill for oil in the Arctic.  You read that right.  John McCain and Sarah Palin were not elected four years ago, but "Drill, Baby, Drill" survives.  An oil spill in the icy Arctic, with no deepwater port or roads nearby, could make BP's gusher in the Gulf look like child's play.

Tell Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and President Barack Obama not to reward Shell with Arctic oil.

Ken Salazar

U.S. Department of Interior