Tell TSA to Keep Its Hands to Itself

Our friends over at TSA News have been documenting numerous cases of these abuses by the Transportation Security Administration:

** Detaining people simply because they can. The TSA detains people at whim.  This is unlawful detention.
** Searching for or questioning passengers about anything other than WEI -- weapons, explosives, and incendiaries -- is expressly forbidden by law. The TSA is not allowed to search for or question you about money, drugs, immigration papers, or anything else. These are illegal searches.
** Groping people's genitals, including directly on the skin.

All of these TSA actions and others are heightening fear, promoting acceptance of racial profiling, and functioning in sync with a foreign policy that generates hatred, under the mistaken belief that giving up our rights will make us safe. Tell the TSA you reject these actions!