Rising oceans, retreating president

The earth's climate just took a one-two punch. First a jab from the right:

Mitt Romney said, "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise...is to help you and your family." Romney got big laughs from convention delegates apparently planning to live on some other planet.

Then the crushing hook from the "left":

President Obama gave Shell Oil approval to drill beneath the Arctic Ocean off Alaska.

President Obama seems to be moving ahead with the Tar Sands pipeline, blocked global action in Copenhagen and Durban, and created fairly weak auto fuel standards.  Romney's promise is to out-do Obama.

Our job is to push back against both agendas, regardless of how we plan to vote. Self-censorship on climate is not an option.

Join us in demanding a serious response to climate change.

We reject our government's promotion of fossil fuel extraction and consumption. We insist on an immediate and dramatic shift to the clean energy sources of solar, wind, and wave energy. Destroying our climate is not acceptable, not even if someone else proposes to destroy it a little more quickly.
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