Military NASCAR Ads May Be Ending

A bipartisan measure in Congress has passed through committee that would stop spending $80 million for military sports sponsorships, primarily auto racing.  House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) is fighting to restore that funding.

While $80 million is small compared to billions the military spends annually on recruitment and advertising or the trillion each year in total military spending, this $80 million is important:  The Army claims that one-third of its recruits come from motorsports marketing, including through its recruiting stations at the racetracks.

Congress members funded by weapons corporations are intent on avoiding the minor cuts imposed by last year's Budget Control Act, much less the serious cuts needed to benefit our economy, the environment, or the nations at risk of facing our bombs.

Tell your Representative to vote against military-sponsored NASCAR drivers.

Note: The Army has just announced it won't sponsor NASCAR next year -- but we need Congress to ban all military sports sponsorships by law.  The National Guard is a far bigger funder than the Army.