No to Humanitarian Imperialism in Iran & Syria

Proponents of war lied about Iraq.  They claimed a humanitarian purpose long after the WMD claim fell apart.  In the end, they devastated Iraq and caused untold suffering.
Proponents of war lied about Afghanistan and continue to kill and destabilize there to this day in the name of humanitarianism and women's rights.  They ignore the right not to be bombed.
They lied about Libya, a nation now facing catastrophe following "humanitarian" bombing.
They're lying about Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, fueling hatred with drone wars, endangering us all.
The lies about Syria and Iran are flowing freely.  But neither the motivation nor the likely result of the warmongering is humanitarian. 
Please add your name to this petition, which we will deliver to Congress and the President:

We say No to U.S. or NATO warfare in Syria -- and No to U.S. or Israeli attacks on Iran. Intervention will cause human suffering, make reform more difficult, and quite possibly escalate into regional or global conflict. We reject this latest push for "humanitarian" imperialism.
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