Let Vermont Show the Way on Healthcare

The Supreme Court's ruling upholding the healthcare mandate will help some people in the short term -- including those with pre-existing conditions and people under 26.  But it also means continuing with a malfunctioning profit-driven system in which we pay twice what other nations do for healthcare, receive inferior care, and enrich private health insurance corporations.

Forcing people to buy insurance from these increasingly powerful for-profit firms is not a long-term solution to healthcare.  And the ruling allows states to opt out of Medicaid expansion, meaning that coverage will be uneven across the country.

There's good news: Some states are working hard to develop cost-effective, inclusive healthcare systems for their states. Vermont's government has legislated a single-payer system of healthcare for all. But Congress has imposed obstacles on states that want real reform.

Tell Congress and the President to take away the barriers, allowing Vermont to succeed.