Kids Sue to Force Government Action on Global Warming

Following decades without useful action by our government to address global warming, a group of young people in the iMatter Movement are suing on behalf of their entire generation. And there's hope -- thanks to a judge in Texas.

Their lawsuit in federal court (dismissed but back in the judge's hands with a motion to reconsider) argues that our atmosphere is a public trust held for both present and future generations.  James Hansen and other leading climate scientists are supporting the suit, which seeks to compel the government to address climate change. The National Association of Manufacturers and other top polluters joined the suit as voluntary co-defendants and argued for dismissal in May.

But now, in the words of Alec Loorz, founder of Kids vs. Global Warming: "In the midst of the hottest summer on record, with 3,282 heat records broken during June alone, drought conditions to rival the dust bowl era, and ravaging wildfires, a glimmer of hope to reverse the trend of the climate crisis emerged from the most unlikely of places: Texas."

Youths from the iMatter Movement, working with Our Children's Trust, have filed suits in states around the country, and Texas judge Gisela Triana has now ruled that the atmosphere is indeed a public trust which the state has a duty to protect. This is how hope and change begin.

But President Obama has still not met with the youths and scientists who are seeking nothing less than to save the world. Ask him to.