No Immunity for Mortgage Bankers

A sweetheart "settlement" between the White House and big banks guilty of mortgage fraud has at least been delayed. If you've already sent messages to the state attorneys general leading the fight, please tell your friends about the campaign. We can’t let the big banks off the hook.

The Obama Administration has been working on a mortgage fraud settlement that itself amounts to fraud, but attorneys general in several states are pushing back.

Obama's speeches stress fairness and equality, but a settlement granting immunity to big banks is not fair.

Robosigning and other fraudulent practices are ongoing.  The White House is offering the banks a plea bargain in the middle of a crime spree.  Attorneys general in Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, California, and other states are pushing in the right direction. Tell leading state attorneys general not to settle for less than an adequate settlement.

Beau Biden

Attorney General of Delaware

Kamala Harris

Attorney General of California

Martha Coakley

Attorney General of Massachusetts

Eric Schneiderman

Attorney General of New York