Keep Up the Fight to End Corporate Personhood

Corporate and individual election spending is coming to a crisis. Rallies around the country, city councils, and state legislatures are demanding a Constitutional remedy. The Kochs are dumping in $60 million on the Republican side, while President Obama has opened the floodgates for his billionaire backers on his side.

But Obama has now said that he supports a Constitutional Amendment "if necessary — to place reasonable limits on all such spending." 

It IS necessary, and the only reasonable limit is a complete ban. The airwaves are public: TV and radio time should be provided free to candidates. Campaigns can be publicly funded, as H.J.Res. 100 provides for. If Obama is serious, he and Congress must advance this agenda in legislation, not just talk.

Let's work hard to make 2012 the year in which corporations are stripped of the legal personhood that makes it legal for them to buy elections and politicians.

Tell your national and state representatives exactly where you stand on corporate personhood and corporate buying of elections.