First they came for Bradley Manning

First they came for Bradley Manning and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a courageous whistleblower who had risked my life for others.

Then they came for . . .

Wait! Let's change this script. Let's speak up now!

Having been severely mistreated as a military prisoner, Bradley Manning is finally, after 18 months, being judged through an extremely biased military process that denies his basic rights.  He is accused of making public information that . . .

  • Helped wind down the Iraq War by motivating the Iraqi government to deny further immunity to U.S. troops;
  • Helped inspire the Arab Spring by exposing new details to Tunisians and Egyptians about their governments' abuses;
  • Exposed that the U.S. State Department had pressured European democracies to stop prosecuting U.S. officials who'd engaged in kidnapping, torture, and other crimes;
  • Revealed to us in the United States more of what our government had been doing than a decade of corporate reporting had;
  • Caused the death or injury of not a single U.S. citizen — in stark contrast to our government's actions.

The accused Wikileaks leaker is further charged with having acted with the intention of aiding a foreign government against the United States, but every scrap of evidence shows that, on the contrary, Manning's intention was to accomplish exactly what he has accomplished – informing the public about official crimes.

Tell the U.S. military and the media we want the charges against Manning dismissed!

As Pentagon Papers whistleblower (and RootsAction endorser) Dan Ellsberg has said: "If Bradley Manning did what he's accused of, then he's a hero of mine."

Dismiss Charges Against Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning should be considered a legally protected whistleblower.  We call on the United States Army to dismiss charges against him immediately.  Instead, our government should investigate a process that has violated Manning's rights under Article III, Section 3, and Amendments 4 through 8 of the U.S. Constitution.
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